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    Format DataGrid at design time

    If you have added a table style to your DataGrid (so individual column styles have been generated), then you can use code such as this to set the Format property of a particular column style. [C#] //add format col 3 columnstyle where column 3 holds a date... DataGridTextBoxColumn...
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    Problem With DataGrid (Select)

    Create DataView from DataSet, filter DataView with RowFilter property & assign to DataGrid as – Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As _ System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load Ds1.Clear() DAMast.Fill(Ds1, "Master") ComboBox1.DataSource =...
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    Altering Attributes in DataGrid

    1. You cannot hide a row in VS2003. 2. You can do this by derivation from DataGridTextBoxColumn and by overriding the Paint method to conditionally set the backColor and foreColor. Sample code is – Public Class DataGridColoredTextBoxColumn Inherits DataGridTextBoxColumn Public Sub New() End...
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    how to update data from datagrid and store back in datasorce

    You can execute the SqlCommand to insert/update/delete records like this - Dim myCommand As New SqlClient.SqlCommand Dim myTrans As SqlClient.SqlTransaction myTrans = SqlConnection1.BeginTransaction() myCommand.Connection = SqlConnection1 myCommand.Transaction = myTrans Try str = "<QUERY>"...
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