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    Rich Textbox headache

    I have a rich text box on my form and have already loaded the .rtf file into it with no problems. I now need to search the opened file, this seems to work but it only displays the first instance of the word. Any ideas?
  2. M combox headache

    Hey thanks for help it works!!!!! I had just forgotten to clear them
  3. M combox headache

    that worked fine but i cant seem to get them to clear cbo2 and does the "selected item" code go in cbo1?
  4. M combox headache

    nope i still not getting it. Here is an example of what it is i want it to do: combobox 1 has 3 items in it (which were entered into the "collection" area of the combobox properties) when the user selects an item i want combobox 2 (which has 4 items in it entered the same way as above) to...
  5. M combox headache

    i am very new to and didnt quite understand what you meant cant i use "if" statements? e.g "if cbo1 = sometext then cbo2 = the required text"???
  6. M combox headache

    hi all...can anyone please help me? I have 2 combo boxes on my form of which i have entered the relevant data into the "collections" part of its properties. When i select an item on combo box 1 i want it to change what can be selected in combo box 2. any ideas????
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