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    Question Sorting for post card

    I might be missing something, but it looks to me like you're just adding '4' to the start (top left) number. Can you not take the current page number, use that in the top left, then cycle through numbering your cards accordingly? I'm guessing by your example that there's only going to be 4...
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    DataGridView and CheckboxColumn, instantly recompute?

    ...short answer - you don't. By posting a question here and receiving comments and (hopefully) answers, you're helping the next guy who searches the site for your particular problem. So, give yourself a pat on that back not only for joining a great community, but for helping improve it!
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    E-commerce website integration

    As always, Google (or a search engine of your choice) should be your first port of call. A very quick Google of "Ebay API" gave this What is the eBay API? — eBay Developers Program
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    Parallels Desktop

    A very quick google says, yes, you can. However ask yourself this question: given you've gone through the much lengthier process of creating an account here to ask a simple question that could have been answered via your favourite search engine in seconds, should you even be considering...
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    Question DateDiff query

    Unless you're trying to get the number of months between the two times, you'll have better luck using mi instead of m as the 'datepart' parameter. e.g ...DATEDIFF(mi, TimeIn, TimeOut)... DATEDIFF (Transact-SQL)
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    Question Trying to Read Values from XML file

    A very quick google using 'VB.Net reading xml attributes' gave this as the top hit - Retrieving the Attribute from an XML document using VB.NET XML DOM Should be simple enough for you to adapt the suggestions to your needs.
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    Question Get Source Code the Selected Text in the Webbrowser

    It's highly likely that the reason you've had no reply (until now) is down to the fact that what you're after is generally not going to be possible for anything other than a basic web page with HTML. Any site that is dynamically created using technology along the lines of ASP.Net uses...
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    Start Embedded Youube Video On Website

    So indulge us - what's your goal other than exploiting the site? (and way to go with endearing yourself with the community here!)
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    Start Embedded Youube Video On Website

    You can't figure it out? What have you tried? - or - Could it be that you've tried nothing, and are simply after some code to automatically start the 15 second advertisment that you are *supposed* to sit through to get the free virtual currency on offer. My bets on the latter
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    pull down email messages?

    Pretty sure that if you're looking to hook into Gmail, you're going to need to authenticate via Google's API's and oauth. Personally I've found Google's documentation to be pretty darned good - check
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    Database field type theory (is it ever ok to store numbers as text?)

    It's generally an accepted rule to keep your data in it's native form - a number should be stored as a number. The question is, how will that field be used? if you're going to use those number strings as numbers and calculate totals, then you're going to need to convert those strings...
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    Please help with ipaddress !!

    Google 'hex to decimal conversion' - you'll be surprised (or not) by what you get. Here's a hint.... 3B is 59 in decimal.
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    Please help with ipaddress !!

    If there's nothing fancy being done with the values in your 32bit integer, then all you need to do is shift the bits of each member of your byte array to the right by the number of bits necessary to make it an 8 bit number....which is easy to do by dividing the value by two to the power of the...
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    Any Idea why this keeps freezing?

    Setting an object at the class level will give it 'global' scope and will persist it's value across that scope - my point was that doing that can (and often is) confusing. That's correct on your IntTest question, you're declaring the object as an Integer and assigning it 1.
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    Any Idea why this keeps freezing?

    Sorry, thought you'd replaced that whole block with the loop. Not sure where you are defining your 'lastpick' var, but one thing you may want to add is passing your lastpick value to the function, rather than relying on it being global. It's good practice to keep the scope local to your...
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