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    Accessing form controls within a private shared sub

    Try this: My understanding in theory is that you are not supposed to access the properties of a control on a form directly. Thats why all the items on a form are private. You can however create a Public function in the form that contains the control that will set the text property, then access...
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    TreeView help??????

    Code attached I have attached the Application folder to the email. Tell me how it turns out.
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    Computer requires 2 shutdown requests

    Thanks for the help I have tried putting the MyBase call in several places, but finally I figured out a solution. Instead of trying to process the QueryEndSession message in the WndProc for the form, I set a global integer that tells the form_closing event that the reason it is closing is...
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    TreeView help??????

    I replicated your code with a treeview and I don't have this problem. Could you tell me the versions of the software that you are using?
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    Computer requires 2 shutdown requests

    Below is the code I am using in the overridden form's wndProc to capture a QueryEndSession message. Protected Overrides Sub WndProc(ByRef m As System.Windows.Forms.Message) Select Case m.Msg Case 17 KillWatchDog() Application.Exit() End Select MyBase.WndProc(m) End Sub I am capturing...
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    Error when WNDPROC used in Form

    Sweet!! That did it! Thanks Matrix and Jugg for the replies
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    Error when WNDPROC used in Form

    Protected Overrides Sub WndProc(ByRef m As System.Windows.Forms.Message) Debug.WriteLine("In wndproc") End Sub If this code is anywhere in my main form when I call mainFrm.Show() it throws the "Error Cannot get windows handle"
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    ??? How to - Control IE useing VB.NET ???

    NewWindow2 event The NewWindow2 event will fire from the WebBrowser control if a popup is in the process of being generated. If you set the cancel event to e.Cancel = true, then the window will be blocked. Keep in mind that this will block all popup's.
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    How to hide listview colunmn headers?

    HeaderStyle? I think if you set the HeaderStyle property to None it will drop out the headers.
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    Anyone know about datetimepickers?

    Formatting? If the database item is null the first time you load the datetimepicker you change the format. Do you need to change the format back to long, short etc.. when you have a valid database value? It may keep showing blank because the format is preventing it from showing anything else.
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    How to create an instance of an ActiveX control without placing it on a form

    Code from Module I created a Module with the following code. It compiled ok but I didn't bother to try and firing the event or passing the instance of the textbox to a form or anything. Module MainMod Public WithEvents text1 As New System.Windows.Forms.TextBox Public Sub Main() End Sub...
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    Error when WNDPROC used in Form

    I am writing an application that uses a comControl to talk to the super IO controller on a motherboard. Everything works fine until I include the wndproc method in the form code to process some of the wnd messages. When the wnproc is present I get the following error when the control is...
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