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    Combo box

    Read only Hi What you gave me is to disabled completely the object, Me, I want to be able to drop down the list with being able the insert text or changes text in the textbox thx
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    Combo box

    Hi everyone, I'd like to know how to make a combobox readonly, there is no property readonly in its list so, could somebody help me, thx
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    Mouse over events

    Hi everyone I have a picture and I want to do an event when my mouse is over, I use, the mouseHover events for that. My problem is that it is very slow to react, like 1 or 2 secs, This is not my computer who is too slow because on every computer it take a least 2 sec to do the events. I...
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    Open access

    Hi, I'm using an access database in my application and I would like to be able to do a menu with the "save database as" option. Could somebody help me because I think that I need to open access outside of and save it manually. Is that it??? I have the filename path and already...
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    Hi everyone, I'm searching a way to create a .exe application with my program. Not juste the debug or release built but the .exe that can by deployed and distribute to users. An .exe that contains also the framework etc... thx
  6. M vs HTML

    Hi everybody, I need to incorporate HTML in my application, I want to do code or sometimes so that in my form I have pictures, text... etc... All that because html is more userfriendly when it comes to edit text and pictures. Somethings like microsoft homepage... thx to give me advicses...
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    Crystal Report

    Hi everyone, I just need a contact for Crystal Report question. If anybody knows a lot about Crystal Report &, I would have some question about that Thank you Mat
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    Multi application

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a way to start more then one time the same application. A way that when I start name.exe and if in this application i click on a button, it starts another name.exe. And I can continue like that. I also want to know if we can test this before creating the...
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    Crystal Report

    Hi everyone, Could somebody tell me where I can find the best Crystal Report tutorial for It would be very appreciated. Thx Mat
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    Crystal Report

    Hi everyone I'm trying to make a report but I want that report to be good for more than one database. I'll explain myselft : Usually, when you make a Crystal Report, you have to input the datasource, member and everything for the report to retreive data. This way, you enter a specific...
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    Dynamic Main menu

    Hi everyone After the mdi environment, i'm now trying to do a dynamic main menu. I want to do exactly like microsoft word and his menu "windows". Every document in the MDI are listed and can be selected in this menu. I have search a lot but didn't found how to do that. Thx to help Mat
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    "In form" windows

    Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to insert forms in one main form, I explain myself. I'm trying to do like in microsoft work where you can have multiple documents in one application. This way you can have 1 window in the taskbar below. Also, when I minimize my forms, it minimize in the...
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