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    Error in execution after Installation

    Hi! I am working on my project which includes SQLdataadapter, Datasets & Crystal Reports. My problem is that even after making setup my program does't run on any other machine (it works fine on my system), after installation when I execute the .exe file it show some problem related to...
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    Running SQL Queries in VB.Net2003

    Thank You TechGnome Thank you TechGnome For your Help :) . I just want to ask that for other keywords like OR instead of AND is the procedure same, or different for every keyword. But Never the less Thank You for Your Help ;)
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    Running SQL Queries in VB.Net2003

    Clarification on your Reply (Running SQL Queries) Sir. Do you want to say that I should use :confused: SqlDataAdapter2.SelectCommand.Parameters("@param2" ).Value = TextBox1.Text AND SqlDataAdapter2.SelectCommand.Parameters("@param7" ).Value = TextBox2.Text DataGrid1.DataSource = DataSet81...
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    Running SQL Queries in VB.Net2003

    Hi to every one in the Forum. I am working on a college Project in which I am using VB.NET 2003 & SQL Server2000. I am facing a very silly error in Running SQL Queries. I am not able to Run SQL Queries in which 'AND' is used :p . What I want is that when a button is clicked Query should Run &...
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    Taking Printout from Datagrid.

    Hi friends! I am working on project in which I am using Vb.Net 2003 Pro. and SQL Server 2000. My problem is that after filtering the database using SQL Query I want to take the print out of the filtered database which can be seen in the datagrid. Is there any procedure to take the...
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    Can't run Data Form Wizard

    I am new user of Vb.Net & I am facing a problem that when I try to make a data form with the help of Data form wizard, an Error msg appears i.e. " Could Not Run the 'C:\program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio.Net\Vb7\VBProjectltems\Local Project ltems\Data\.. \.. \WinDataForm.vsz' Wizard." Plz...
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