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    Typically when doing id use the main application thread as the UI thread. This means you instantiate your form when the app runs (as with a non-multi-threaded app), and then I would create new threads from there to do your background processing. So have a button your main form which...
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    NewRow with DataGridView bound to list of objects

    Thankyou for the solution sir - as always very detailed and thorough. I think ill use the BindingSource wrapper for now - looks like the easiest way to achieve what I want. Ill prob revisit and look at implementing my own BindingLists later.
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    NewRow with DataGridView bound to list of objects

    Hey all, When you bind a DataGridView to a DataTable it is easy to programmatically add rows - by just adding to the bound DataSource (which in this case is a DataTable). Ive been binding typed lists of objects to my DataGridView. This works fine, but I am unable to display new rows in the...
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    custom keypad

    Post some code.. And maybe I can help.
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    TextBox custom borders and background

    You probably arent getting any results from this because you didnt add this line in the constructor of your derived TextBox class: Public Sub New() MyBase.New() Me.SetStyle(ControlStyles.UserPaint, True) End Sub The problem you have with adding a border is that the ClipRectangle for the...
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    Add rows at design time

    No it's not possible to add rows at design time. Rows consititute actual data - and at design time you're only building structure and format.. Why would you want to do this anyway?
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    Replace the field column name

    Hey knockyo, im not sure if you're trying to say you want to do this automatically somehow.. but you can do it by creating a DataGridTableStyle before binding your grid to your DataSource. The table style has a collection of DataGridColumnStyle objects - each of which have a property called...
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    .NET 1.1 DataGrid Selection

    Ok man, thanks for your help. Ive been having all kinds of trouble with this - i created my own custom ColumnStyle which overrode the Edit method to do nothing, which didnt work. I then overrode the Edit method to just put a Label control in the DataGrid cell and then just Commit the original...
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    .NET 1.1 DataGrid Selection

    Yeh sorry about that - I live in .NET 2.0 world, it's just this app ive been developing as a favour for someone is 1.1 (hence the post's subject!) DataGridTextBoxColumn certainly is in 1.1 - im using it.. As for the final point, there is no such thing as a "standard" column - the default is a...
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    .NET 1.1 DataGrid Selection

    Hey all, Does anyone know a way to stop a DataGridTextBoxColumn from displaying it's TextBox? I have a ReadOnly grid, where each row selects in full, but it looks crappy when the TextBox shows up in each cell. Here's the code to force the selection of the whole row: Private Sub...
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    CurrencyManager + DataGridTableStyle

    One quick question about some examples that I found on t'internet: Why would one pass a CurrencyManager into a DataGridTableStyle constructor? I've always just used the MappingName to associate a TableStyle with the appropriate source data on a grid.. I cant seem to see why this functionality...
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    .NET 1.1 grid Woe

    Hey all, Im being forced to develop an .NET 1.1 app, which is causing me much pain and suffering. Ive got a DataGrid bound to a DataTable, which the user cannot edit. dgEvents.SetDataBinding(dsEvents, "tbl_events") As you might guess, the DataGrid lists events as they occur. I've set the...
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    Immediate Awkwardness

    Hey all, Hopefully this is an easy answer for the person who knows it ;) In the Form.Load of my small application, why is it the case that I can MsgBox the Application.ProductVersion and get a result, but then in the Immeadiate window I get an error...
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    DataGrid and Add/Remove Handler

    Hey all, Im doing a bit of .NET 1.1 atm and have the situation where I want to parse text entered into a cell on a datagrid. See the code: Private Sub dgPlayers_ItemChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.ItemChangedEventArgs) Handles cm.ItemChanged If...
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    Invoke Windows Copy Dialog

    Hey all, Is there a clean and nice .NET way to invoke the system file copy dialog? My app has to move some files around in the background and we just hit one that is over 300MB. While the file copies it would be nice to fire off the XP process that normal occurs when you copy/paste a file...
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