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    List contents in Favorites Folder

    Favorites are stored as URL shortcuts in the user's Favorites folder. Easiest way to do what you're after would be something like the following. Excuse any goof ups if you copy/paste it, I didn't type it in the IDE so there might be missing parentheses and whatnot. This works on XP. I'm not...
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    MP3 properties

    You'rer looking for the ID3v1 tag. This tag, if there's one in the MP3, is the last 128 bytes of the MP3. Here's some code to read it, feel free to modify for your own use. You can get rid of the Identifier and ZBS members of the IDTagv11 structure, I just have them there for completeness...
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    Ident port 113 examples?

    I've only seen this used with IRC clients/servers, but it's a pretty simple protocol. When the client connects to the IRC server, a random port is (usually) picked on the client side, so your local port may be 5000, and the remote port is what you connected to, usually 6667. The server then...
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