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    Alert / MsgBox

    When you say the message box command dosen't seem to work for you can you tell us what command you are using? ie."") or msgbox("") also are you using visual studio or a different compiler? From what you have said i would guess you have been using the msgbox() Command and i...
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    No, I have never heard of that. The only thing i can think it might mean is sometimes it is quite fiddly creating an installer in visual studio with DLLs. I dont use the visual studio setup creator, i gernerally use inno setup.
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    Closing forms

    Or you could use the following code which is similar to what you had: 'Specify that form1 is the form to create. Dim frm as new form1 'Show the form 'Hide the form that launched it me.visible Note: this does not acutally close the form but instead it will hide it. The user will...
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    Hi Everyone, I am interested in creating my own programming language and i dont have much knowlage on this subject, but i know that if i do i will need to create a compiler to compile the code. Does anyone know how i should go about this, or have any suggestions on creating a language? Any...
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    Deleting Temp Files and history in

    Hello, I am making a cleanup wizard that basicly shows the user how to cleanup their computer and then does it for them. I have run across a problem where i want to delete the temp files, the temp internet files and the history(not as important as it won't free up much space) I know this is...
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