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    Acquiring Datagrid field info

    Dim dgi As DataGridItem Dim Publisher AsString = DropDownList1.SelectedItem.Text Dim Title AsString = dgi.Cells(0).Text well, well, 1- Dgi is not instantiated yet. 2- Assuming that you instantiate dgi did you assign any data to the dgi yet? 3- Try to insert some debug (messagebox statements)...
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    remove/add panels in the status bar at run time

    You are the man!! Thanks buddy.
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    remove/add panels in the status bar at run time

    Thats if I want to hide the status bar. What I am trying to do is to hide some of the panels on the status bar.
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    remove/add panels in the status bar at run time

    Hello all, I did not find a hide/show methods for the statusbarpanel class. As a work around I tried removing the panel and then add it back when I need it. I can remove the panel with no problems. But when I try to add it, I am getting an exception: Object already has a parent. To...
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    Unauthorized access of our Data Access Layer

    To simplify our own situation lets say we have clear seperation of the three layers with the Presentation, Business and Data Access Layers in their own seperate DLLs, but on the same client machine. Our DAL DLL is obfuscated and holds our single service account to access the database. We are...
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    drawing a triangle on a toolbarbutton

    I was able to draw a triangle on a toolbarbutton to simulate a drop down button without having the extra button beside my dropdownbutton. I have overrrided the onpaint event for the form. that only problem is when I click on the button ( a context menu shows up) the triangle disappears. I also...
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