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    Closing forms

    code If TRANSrem Is Nothing OrElse TRANSrem.IsDisposed Then TRANSrem = New frmTRANSrem TRANSrem.MdiParent = Me TRANSrem.Show()
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    Closing forms

    dispose first form... create a code that will dispose the first form then create a new instance of the form.
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    cleaning the dataset will ensure that no duplications and overwriting of data will occur and yes it's just like washing off your hands.. heheheh...
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    Data Relation Problem

    I'm currently stucked in one of my apps. I hope someone could help me. I've searched some books already but just couldn't find the right solution. I have 4 tables in MS ACCESS They are all related to on PROVIDER ID However when I relate two tables, I receive the message that the OBJECT...
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    Let's share stuff

    Don't you think that we will be more productive if we will be able to share simple programs to help other users of this forum?
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    showing forms in panel

    i've got the code for showing forms in panel but the problem is i want the form to appear only once even if the button is clicked many times. here's the code.. hope someone could help me... Sub LoadFormsInPanel(ByVal container As Panel, ByVal formType As Type) Dim ypos As Integer = 0...
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    search to the datagrid w/ the use of textbox value.

    hey how do you that in listview?
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    LOGIN Problems

    how can i count the number of failed logins? where do i put the code.. thanks... Private Sub btnSOk_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnSOk.Click If lblPassword.Text = tbPassWord.Text Then m.logged = True m.Show() Else Dim ctr As Integer m.logged =...
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    progress bar in the status bar

    and then? sorry... it doesn't work
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    progress bar in the status bar

    can anyone help me on how i can put my progress bar inside the status bar... thanks...
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    Another problem... Binding

    I have already populaed my combobox with the account names. I need to do this because i want the user to choose the name from the combobox then information with regard to the account name will appear below in textboxes. I have already bounded the textboxes with their respective fields BUT...
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    New TabPage

    I'm creating a program where I need to create new tabpages containing the controls of a pre-designed tabpage and I can't figure out what to do. 1) I can already make new instances of a tabpage using this command... Private Sub btnNewProvider_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As...
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    I'm sorry.. i'm just a newbie..

    Can anyone show me how to create a database program.. from connecting to the database which is access to adding records, editing, deleting, saving changes, and binding data... Thanks...
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    Compute age using dtpicker transfer result to textbox

    here's my code but it doesn't work.. hope someone can help me out... Private Sub dtpBDate_ValueChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles dtpBDate.ValueChanged Dim a As Date = Date.Today.ToShortDateString Dim b As Date = dtpBDate.Value.ToShortDateString...
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    MDI Problem

    I'm having a problem showing a form coming from an mdichild. How can I make that new form open also inside the MDI form? The problem is when I click the New Account menuitem an mdichild is opened and when the mdichild is opened i have an ok button there when it is clicked it should open...
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