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    I wouldn't try and work out why it doesn't work because you really shouldn't be working with the ID at all. You should leave that to the database to insert and create. Set it to identity and it should solve your problems
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    ODBC connection string

    For future reference you can get loads of connection strings from this site.
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    .NET 2005 data access problem

    I remember having this problem but never found out how to solve it. I think there might be a problem with the conversion. What you could try is writing a very small app just to insert data into the database and see if it saves. If so then there is a problem with your other application.
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    VB 2005 Express for free

    And if you're a student you can get the whole 2005 from ELMS. Check your university site for this though
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    Using .NET Framework 2.0 with VB.NET 2003

    hmmm I don't think you could make an older app (vs2003) work with a newer one. Why would the company do that? They want you to use 2005. Also you don't get the benefits of vs2005 if you're using 2003. I would suggest you upgrade because the 2005 IDE is just much nicer. Thats my 2cents
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    Multiple inheritance

    Got an example of using interfaces to achieve that effect kulrom?
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    Multiple inheritance

    Guys, I know it's not possible to perform multiple inheritance in .net put I have heard there is a way to fake it. Could anyone give me a simple example. Say for insatance we have these classes person student(inherits person) employee(inherits person) studentemployee(inherits student &...
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    [ask]MDI parent form ?

    Ok well you will want to do it in a meny option rather than have a button on the form. In the menu event you can try something like this Form1.ActiveForm.BackGroundImage = YourImage
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    Formatting a file...

    Ok this is a duplicate
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    How to bind a DropDownList to a database field

    Ok I use a datareader to poulate ddl's Dim cmdSelect As SqlCommand Dim reader As SqlDataReader Dim conn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection("Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;AttachDbFilename=|" _ & "DataDirectory|\Procedures.mdf;Integrated Security=True;User Instance=True") conn.Open()...
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    Web Form!!! Start With/Without Debugging

    To be honest you don't need to debug the web form. Just run it and any errors will be shown in the page.
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    Will Page_load fire everytime is a Master Page

    I don't think that is possible because the master page is the basis for the entire page. Why don't you want the master page to fire? You can have more than one masterpage and you can also embed one masterpage inside another.
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    Insert picture into the database.

    When I did this a while ago I had to get the image into a byte array and then upload the byte array to the database. Can't find the code though sorry, but there is lots of code out there if you do a search on google
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    Context Menu in Web Browser

    You can add a new item to the context menu saying "open in new tab". How you have a new tab though I don't know because that is upto your programming.
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    Adding Hyperlinks Dynamically to a Table

    You could use the <% %> tags in ASP to do this. I have done it but I can't remember the code for it sorry. Have a look online. If I find it i'll post.
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