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    Reading Word File

    Good day, How will I read a word document in wherein the styles are preserved. For example if the text are bold or the text are highligted. I can read only the contents but the styles are not there. Pls help. thanks :)
  2. L on Windows Server 2003

    What's the error? Do you have IIS installed? Did you register .net -> IIS? It is a very long error but is says something like the page does not exist or something, I hava IIS instaled and I already register .Net with IIS. You're in the ASP.NET 2005 Forum. Are you using the .NET Framework...
  3. L on Windows Server 2003

    Hello, I am using Windows Server 2003 and I installed Visual Studio.Net, but when I try to run the ASP.Net, it produces an error and I cannot continue to execute What should I do? tnx
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