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    Update panel with IFRAME

    Hi, I have a web page where i have an update panel and inside the update panel i have an IFRAME. i display some buttons into the a page say report.aspx and assign to the src attribute of the IFRAME. The code below <div id = 'contentCen'> <asp:UpdatePanel ID="uPnlChart" runat="server"...
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    HTML printing

    Well yes i could do that. But still using PrintDocument i would still end up seeing a printing status window. Is there any way i could do a silent print? Thank You Krsh
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    HTML printing

    Hi, I have few HTML documents stored in database. The requirement is to read these HTML documents (say as string object) and print the HTML document similar to how the browsers print work. But the requirement is to execute the print silently without any print dialog popping up (like printer...
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    Object in use else where.

    Hi, I am facing this issue for a long time, not able to fix it. I have an emulator that displays exactly what is displayed on a signature pad. This emulator is drawn using pen and brushes on a picture box. I have a main event handler that receives all events from the pad and this event...
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    Automate the fields population on a form.

    HI, The question might sound silly. I have an ASP.NET site which has a login page with two fields Login ID, password and a submit button. I do not own that site and do not have access to its code. I need to automate such that and external application (might be a windows application)...
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    panel's vertical scrollbar

    Ok, there was no way i could do this. Did some trick. I wrote a customized panel with a scrollbar control embedded. The coustomized panel contains another panel within, with the border style set to none. The size of the inner panel is same as the outer panel. When the scroll even is fired i...
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    panel's vertical scrollbar

    Hi, How do i increase the vertical scrollbar width of a panel. I have auto scroll property set to true. neither the panel's controls or the forms controls property exposes the scroll bar control. I am using framework 1.1. Thank You
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    Question Design different from exe?

    Are you meaning in a datagrid?
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    Question Problem with InstallUtil.Installlog

    just type installutil.exe give a space and drag and drop the required service exe to command propmt and hit enter This might help u Krsh
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    Question Minimizing Forms

    Yup you can remove it from displaying it from the taskbar by overriding the CreateParams property of Form2 and Set the ExStyle property to Dim oPar As CreateParams = MyBase.CreateParams oPar.ExStyle = &H80L Krsh
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    Question Minimizing Forms

    When the following event is called and when the parent form is minimized Private Sub Label1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Label1.Click Frm.WindowState = FormWindowState.Minimized End Sub the handle of Form2 is...
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    Question Application error on exit

    Try disposing all the controls of the form on Form_closing event.
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    Tcp client server

    vokay here is a verry simple code. The server keeps waiting to accept the incoming requests from the clients. Once a client connects it just displays the client IP on the console. ////////////////Server Side Code////////////////// Sub Main() ListenForClients() End Sub Private...
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    How do I create Windows Services

    Schedule a batch file execution according to ur required time. May be i didnt get ur question right Krsh
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    show child form in mdi centre?

    Why dont you try FormStartPosition.CenterScreen
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