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    Optimize latency while successively displaying images from a massive image database

    I am working on a beta version of a speed reading application. Its called Etopia Ebook Reader. What it does it combine the concept of an ebook reader, and a visual dictionary, into one convenient speed reading and studying tool. Please watch this youtube video to see what it does, so I don't...
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    Resize form and all controls in proportion to their startup size/location

    As for automating your algorithm for all controls, I hope this will help: From the post This code will apparently give you duplicate controls with the proper names and properties of all controls in your...
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    a coding project for ebook reading

    I am working on a project to enhance the ebook reading experience. It takes the most basic of necessities, reading, and applies a very unconventional approach in attempting to extract the vital elements of the situation -- primarily through automated graphic story telling. It follows by...
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