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    printing PDF silently

    This thread is specifically about the printing part. That means that the first part of your question is irrelevant to this thread and the second part has already been addressed. It's best not to resurrect 13 year old threads anyway. Create a new thread and post a link to the existing one if...
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    Adding functionality to Excel trading sheet connected to API

    I have removed the email address in post #2 from public view to protect it from spammers. Please use private messages to provide such information. If you're not able to (not sure if there are restrictions from new members) let me know here and I will provide it provide it.
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    Write text to text file without savefiledialog

    On a different note, you are currently giving the user the option of saving to, amongst others, plain text or RTF, but you then just save the Text of the RichTextBox regardless. How does it make sense to let the user select RTF and then not save the Rtf of the control? Is there even any...
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    Write text to text file without savefiledialog

    I honestly don't think that you have thought this through. The only thing the the dialogue does is provide the file path selected by the user. If you don't want to use that file path then don't. Just put something else where you are currently using the path from the dialogue...
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    Resolved How to Print array into list box?

    On an unrelated note, if you have the choice, I would suggest that you stick to targeting .NET Framework 4.8 for now. There are advantages to targeting .NET 5.0 but they really don't apply to beginners creating WinForms apps. .NET 5.0 is based on .NET Core and there are still a few things that...
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    Resolved How to Print array into list box?

    There's a lot to address here. First and foremost, DO NOT post code just as a picture. There may be cases where a screenshot can add value but, even then, you should ALWAYS post the code as text and formatted as code. We can't copy and paste code to quote it or test it for ourselves from a...
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    InvalidCastException - image from database

    Obviously the fourth column in your DataTable contains Strings rather than Byte arrays. You can prove it to yourself by doing this: Dim column = table.Columns(3) Debug.WriteLine($"Name: {column.ColumnName}; Type: {column.DataType}") You need to determine whether you are accessing the wrong...
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    Question play video on webbrowser

    A browser does not understand MP4 files the way it does a JPG or the like. You would need to load some HTML code that could play the file. MP4 is also not a format that HTML 4.x understands natively, so your HTML would have to use some media player to actually play the file. Here are some...
  9. jmcilhinney stops responding

    By the way, your title appears to be inaccurate. To say that an application stops responding is to say that it freezes. It doesn't sound like that is what's happening at all. That it fails to build successfully is very different.
  10. jmcilhinney stops responding

    Deleting the project and starting again was very much the wrong thing to do. What you describe is almost certainly not an issue with Visual Studio but with your own code. You most likely have build errors so when you attempt to run your project, it fails to build and then an old version of the...
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    Resolved [VSTO] Can I control the event on save?

    From what I can see, something like this should work: Private Sub ThisAddIn_Startup(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Dim app As Excel.Application = Me.Application AddHandler app.WorkbookBeforeSave, New Excel.AppEvents_WorkbookBeforeSaveEventHandler(AddressOf app_WorkbookBeforeSave)...
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    Question find data in tabel.a not in tabel.b

    Also, please post your questions in the most appropriate forum. This question has got absolutely nothing to do with VS so it doesn't belong in a forum about VS. It's debateable whether it belongs on this site at all, because it is purely a SQL question. Presumably it is SQL being executed in a...
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    Question find data in tabel.a not in tabel.b

    Please provide a FULL and CLEAR explanation of the problem, which would include the schema of each table, how they are related and some example data and the expected output.
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    Help me out to clear error

    And here we go with questions about information not provided. This is why you need to provide a FULL and CLEAR explanation. Please do that now. Stop to think what information you would need if you had no prior exposure to this project. Don't just assume that we know what you're thinking.
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    Help me out to clear error

    In post #2, I specifically said that you should post your code FORMATTED APPROPRIATELY. In post #5 you posted unformatted code. I have now taken the time to format it for you, so that it is appropriately readable. Please format ALL code snippets for readability.
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