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    How do I retain My.Settings values through a software upgrade

    Here's a quote from the page you linked to: Here's a quote from your post: Based on that, why are you writing any code to do this at all?
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    Question Voice Recognition

    You need to look at the InnerException to see what the exception was that was thrown by the method invoked on the other thread.
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    Question Voice Recognition

    Firstly, I have formatted your code for you, which you need to do yourself. As you can see, it is eminently more readable. If you've ever used a text editor then you know how to edit the text it contains. Secondly, you need to be far more specific about the issue. Dumping all your code and...
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    Question Voice Recognition

    What have you tried and where are you stuck?
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    Scanner Twain and interrupts

    Hard to diagnose issues with code we've never seen. Relevant code only please.
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    Please remove the advertising from your signature or your account will be locked out.

    Please remove the advertising from your signature or your account will be locked out.
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    Question dnsapi.dll and DnsQuery() in VB.NET

    You seem to have missed this bit: Without having looked at that doco, you would presumably call the appropriate function(s) in the same way you do other Windows API functions, i.e. using Platform Invoke (pinvoke).
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    Question Determine which cells are currency in Excel

    Are you looking to do this via Office Interop, i.e. effectively remote controlling an instance of Excel, or simply by working with the data directly?
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    Installation Tutorial for SFML.Net 2.5 with Visual Studio 2019 and VB

    Oops, got the words slightly confused but pretty close for not having seen the show for 30 years. I'm surprised that you're using the name but didn't recognise the theme song.
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    Question How to use ACS ACR125U-M1 ?

    If what you have shown is your application then you need to show us what you've actually done so far that is relevant to the issue. If it's not your app then I don;t see that this is even a VB.NET question because you already have some other tool telling you that it's not connected so you need...
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    Account question

    Don't let the power go to your head. ;)
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    Account question

    Just opened your member profile and checked the moderator tools and the actual name is one thing that can't be changed. An admin may be able to do so though, so we'll have to wait for Neal and see what he can do.
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    Listbox TopIndex

    If only there was a way for us to know what "corresponding items" actually meant.
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    Question Help With A Code For ComboBox & ListBox

    Detecting that an item has been selected in a ComboBox and which item it is will be the same no matter what you want to do about it. Populating a ListBox with items will be the same no matter when you want to do it. Two simple problems to solve and then just put the solutions together. That...
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