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    MS Access DB working with Masked Edit Control

    Further to my original post I thought I would supply the states of the: SELECT: The Masked Edit control box that has replaced the Text box does not view the data from the Database any longer. INSERT: Error message: 'Data type mismatch expression'. UPDATE: Working OK around the Masked...
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    MS Access DB working with Masked Edit Control

    I am very new to vb.NET Can anybody please explain to me how you go about using Masked Edit Control with a MS Access 2000 Database? Prior to starting with Masked Edit control I was using ordinary Text boxes to transfer the information from the Database to the Form and back again, at that...
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    Urgent - UPDATE error message - Parameter[0]’Airport’has no dafault value.

    I have designed a MS Access 2000 Database which has three tables CUSTOMERS, BOOKINGS & HOLIDAYS to control data entry I have designed three vb.NET Forms. A user is able to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE records on each table. CUSTOMERS & HOLIDAYS are working fine – no worries. The...
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