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    Creating a Button without Form Designer

    Given the following code: Dim btnEnter As New Button() btnEnter.Top = 100 btnEnter.Left = 100 btnEnter.Height = 100 btnEnter.Width = 100 How do I get the button to show up on the form and be available for use? Oops, sorry. I meant to post this in the Windows Forms board.
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    How to store a PaintEventArgs Object

    Is there a way to "grab" a PaintEventArgs object, make a copy, and set a PaintEventArgs object variable equal to it so that I can use that PaintEventArgs object whenever I want and not be forced to do so in the context of the OnPaint routine?
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    Accessing public MDI parent members

    I have an MDI form with a Public Integer Variable. It also contains an MDI child form. Can the MDI child form access the individual instance of that Public Integer Variable associated with that specific MDI Parent Form? I have so far been solving the problem by having an variable of the...
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    Altering Controls at run time

    Thanks. That solves it.
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    autosize forms at different resolutions

    What if I design the form to display at 2000X1600 and the end user tries to display it at 640X480? He might have controls running off the form if they're not anchored or stretching in physical size if they are anchored in all directions. Isn't there a way to make it so the guy with 640X480 can...
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    Altering Controls at run time

    I have been having trouble changing the Row Height of a dataGrid programatically at run-time. Can this be done? If so, how? I have also been having trouble changing the Font Size of a Button at run-time. It tells me that it is a Read-Only Property. Is there a way around this? If so, how?
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    autosize forms at different resolutions

    Scaling forms at different resolutions I made a form that looks roughly the way I want it to at 1200X800 resolution. However, if I display it at 800X600 resolution, it does not display correctly. Anchoring the various controls on the form isn't really fitting the bill. I have been working on...
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