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    display record by retrieving parameter value in module

    Hi... I dont know whether this method will help you or not. I had the same problem earlier. What you need to do is to create a report using the crystal report wizard. If you need to show the data from more than 1 table you need to add 2 tables and verify the links between the tables. Once you...
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    Row enabled

    Yup...thats the whole idea, will be great if you can help me out. Thank you Regards, jazz
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    Row enabled

    Hi... Hi have a datagrid and 1 button If i select one particular row and click at the button That particular row will be disabled How to do that?
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    radio button in datagrid

    Hi... I have been trying to solve this problem for a while...going nuts with this.. i have a datagrid that read the data from various tables. I want to all 2 radio buttons for each column. So if the data increasing the radio button will automatically appears How on earth to do this? I cant...
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