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    Coverflow like animating grids or contentcontrol

    The problem is that I first viewed that page on a computer at school..not my home computer!
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    Coverflow like animating grids or contentcontrol

    Hi, That's really frustrating, some days ago I felt on a tutorial page on how to animate grids (or contentcontrol...I don't remember). ...and now that I need this page I can't find it again ;-) There was an illustration like this (light blue squares) The principle being to animate scale in/out...
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    Dynamic ContentControl > Style > DataTemplate....binding problem!

    Hi, I have to create some ContentControl code behind and be able to change their content and their DataTemplate according to their data type (image or text) (So, I've created a ContentControl code behind, given it (code-behind too) a style from the XAML. In this style I've set DataTemplates)...
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    Read (and traverse) XAML file from MemoryStream

    Thanks for your help!! Here's a working solution: StreamReader mysr = new StreamReader("example.xaml"); XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument(); doc.Load(mysr); XmlNamespaceManager nsmgr = new XmlNamespaceManager(doc.NameTable); nsmgr.AddNamespace("def"...
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    Read (and traverse) XAML file from MemoryStream

    Thanks for your reply! What should I then do please? Add nsmgr.AddNamespace("ns", "") nsmgr.AddNamespace("x", "") ? I've done it but 'node' is still 'Null'
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    Read (and traverse) XAML file from MemoryStream

    Hi, I have an XAML document that I have to read from a MemoryStream (for the purpose of the example, I load a XAML file to a memorystream) Here is a shortened version of the XAML file: <Grid xmlns=""...
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    Question Loading resources from XAML, problem with fonts!

    I am (I have to) using an XAML file as a resource from my main window. In this simplified example, the XAML file looks like this <Grid xmlns="" xmlns:x="" Name="themeGrid"> <Image...
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    Binding to Elementname within resource

    Hi, I can't get to bind to an element name inside a Windows.Resources I have a grid (with elements inside) in Windows resources. Among the elements I have a border with an image inside and another border whose background visualbrush visual is binded to the first border (with a render transform...
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    Question Setting Primary Display

    Hi, I'm trying to set the Primary Display...without success! Here's the code I'm working on, would you please help me see what I'm doing wrong there? There's no compilation simply doesn't give the expected result! Thank you!! Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices Class MainWindow...
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    Drag and Drop (and re-order) to ListBox binded to XML

    Would you please help me with this scenario: On stage, 2 listboxes and a textbox. 1.The first listbox lists all the items available, the list is grouped by 'Type' and its source is a binded XML file (read only). 2.The second listbox list all the items the user has dropped into from ListBox#1...
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    Trouble setting cooperative level [SharpDX]

    I've 3 different gamepads here. Two of them, which are generic joypad, are recognized in the control panel and in games..but don't work with this code. The third one is a XBox 360 controller..and works with this code!! Don't know why...I will have to investigate (these 2 controllers 'works' fine...
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    Trouble setting cooperative level [SharpDX]

    Yes Herman, the joystick is recognized and properly configured! (I've double checked this)
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    Trouble setting cooperative level [SharpDX]

    Herman, Thank you so much for taking time to write me all this example!! Thanks, really!! That's true that there's no error anymore...but for now I (I don't know for you) get this in the immediate window: Initialized 0 joysticks/gamepads
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    Trouble setting cooperative level [SharpDX]

    Herman, Thank you very much for your reply!! Unfortunately, Dim hwnd As IntPtr = New WindowInteropHelper(Me).EnsureHandle() joystick.SetCooperativeLevel(hwnd, CooperativeLevel.Foreground) gives an error with: 'Me' is valid only within an instance method. Then I discover that 'Me' cannot be...
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