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    open file, get variables

    First of all, your project has something called 'Settings'. You should probably use these 'settings' if you are just learning.. Go to Project->Settings; then go to 'Settings' tab, you will see stuff in a row / column list, click on the first row, type 'Users', then the second row 'Passwords'...
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    How do I make an About Dialog?

    If you're using Visual Basic .NET, you can do the following for an about DialogBox: Private Sub OpenAbout() ' Normally this should be a click event, but this is an example Dim AboutBox As New AboutForm AboutBox.ShowDialog() AboutBox.Dispose() ' There is also another method, but it might not...
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    The best way to END a thread?

    Ya, Ive been getting this error now in Debug mode, I haven't a clue how to fix it, if you could give me a head up that'd be great :p The Error: The code #Region "Public Variables" Public charname As String Public User As String = Form1.Temp_User Public Pass As String =...
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    Call statement

    To call a button click event: Call Button1_Click(Me, Nothing) (or both could be Nothing, but for the click event the first argument is Sender, so I put Me :))
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    The best way to END a thread?

    I should have known that, thanks :)
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    The best way to END a thread?

    I use threads a lot in my program, and some people get that CheckForIllegalCrossThread error when loading a form. This is the way I do my threads at the moment: Initialization - Public Sub initLoad() Dim ThreadX As New Thread(AddressOf LoadAccount) ThreadX.Start()...
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    Thanks for your quick reply, I'am glad to see that I've done it correctly :)
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    Application Overview My application is an account and character manager for a game, it uses MySQL's ODBC driver to communicate with the server. Now, I didn't use the best of my knowledge when doing the queries, as every query requires a reconnection to the server. The way I designed it was...
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    arrays and string

    Why make your own function to return the remainder? Just use Math.IEEERemainder(Dividend, Divisor) :) Also, I believe its a little better to use ToCharArray rather than Len(), just my personal perception of the issue. Correct me if I'am wrong :o
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    arrays and string

    Answer One way is to use a collection, like so: Dim Alphabet() As String = {"a","b","c", "d","e", "f", "g", "h", "i", "j", "k", "l", "m", "n", "o", "p", "q", "r", "s", "t", "u", "v", "w", "x", "y", "z"} Dim Values() As String = {"a value","b value","c value", "d value","e value", "f value"...
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    how do i save a form and.......

    I've worked with worse, vis781, its really bad when one guy speaks Portuguese and one speaks English :P. But if you act nice to them, they normally attempt to make sense ;)
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    how do i save a form and.......

    I think he wants to know how to open the Form1.vb for editing purposes on a computer without the Visual Basic/Studio IDE. If all you want to do is open the file to view its contents, right click, open with, select notepad (or your prefered editor). If you want to edit it and rebuild it, your...
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    Simple Threading Example

    Sorry, I've never gotten that error before, so I was not aware of it.. As this is just an example, just change the whats in the threads sub, it was my coding issue, nothing to do with you ;).
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    VB.NET and LUA

    I'am sorta getting the idea that implamenting a LUA debugger into a VB.NET application is sorta, impossible? I've read that there is no official debugger for LUA, but there methods to debug it when programming. How do you think I would go about, in VB.NET, making a simplified LUA debugger? It...
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    Do you own a MAC?

    I still prefer Windows, been using it too long to change, and don't feel like adjusting to something thats less compatible with the world of gaming and software :)
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