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    Question Listview: how do i add items to it?

    Hey All, Im trying to learn how to use the listview control and cant figure how to add items :confused: can someone help me as i havent got a clue on how to use this control? Thanks, Jamie.
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    Question String.IsNullOrEmpty???

    Hi All, I'm trying to create a homepage feature for my program and cant seem to get it to check is its Empty or only contains spaces etc... ive done this to make it navigate but doesnt check If String.IsNullOrEmpty(My.Settings.homepage) Then...
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    Question Select The Same Item In Another List?

    Hi All, Due to my other thread ive made a split container and made it so you know the title, Is it possible to Double-Click A "Listbox1" item, E.G:the 3rd item on the "Listbox1" and be able to make it find the 3rd item on the otherlist "listbox2" and use that value/item to play..? Is this at...
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    Question Only Show File Name But...?

    you the code to play is just: AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.URL = playlist.SelectedItem but i dont see how that has anything to do with it... Any Idea's how to rename but still be able to play from the double click of that item
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    Question Only Show File Name But...?

    Hi All, Im trying to create a playlist for my program (which ive done), ive also got it to rename the items (just to show songname.mp3), my problem is: when the person Double-Clicks on an item in the listbox it wont play it because it plays the value of the selected item. Any idea's On how...
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    Question Song Duration: Displays Incorrect!?

    Hi All, Im trying to get a label to display the current song duration and current position (WHICH I HAVE DONE), But it display incorrect: Label3.Text = AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.Ctlcontrols.currentPosition \ 60 & ":" & Format(Int(AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.Ctlcontrols.currentPosition Mod 60)...
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    Resolved Screenshot location?

    Never Mind :P Figured Out. RESOLVED!
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    Resolved Screenshot location?

    FULL Screenshot Hi, Thanks all worked great, Trouble is on my project theres a panel u can hide and show. So when they close it, it still only takes a picture the size of the webbrowser of when the panel was showing. Anyway of making it "refresh" so it gets updated sizes of the webbrowser...
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    Resolved Screenshot location?

    Thanks! WORKED GREAT! How would i save this screenshot(with dialog) as i have it save but not a dialog. Thanks, Jamie.
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    Using My.Settings to Load Different Configurations

    by what i can figure out, im currently using something like this. im using my.settings to load the user prefference. by defult its nothing and loads normal. if they clicked say "members" it would on next startup load the members section. :)
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    Resolved Screenshot location?

    Hi All, Im trying to make my little project take a screenshot(which ive done). But i cant seem to get a location set, my code: Dim ScreenSize As Size = New Size(Form1.WebBrowser1.Width, Form1.WebBrowser1.Height) Dim screenGrab As New Bitmap(Form1.WebBrowser1.Width...
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