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    EnableVisualStyles Problem

    I'm having trouble when using visualstyles with the toolbar icons, the icons don't appear but you can clearly see each button is enabled. The icons are 32bit bitmaps contained in an imagelist, they appear as per usual when Application.EnableVisualStyles() is not present. I hope i've explained...
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    automatic TCP transfer optimization

    Hey ppl, Just wondering if anyone can help out with a way to optimize download block size when transfering a file via a tcp connection, eg: Start a file tranfer with a block size of 4096kb, when the connection is established a peak tranfer rate is found between connections and the block size...
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    Richtextbox: end of file error..

    Hi, I'm having a problem when searching through a richtextbox with line & char info running, a line & char variable is the what is causing the problem, returning < 0 .. When prompted to start from begining it is ok, but if you select no to the start from begining dialog and then select find...
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    Owned Child Not Displaying

    If there is a thread related to this one please reply back the url, thx What i have is Parent form that is the owner of multiple child forms, i can display the child when opening a fresh form[no input on creation] but im having trouble when adding content to the controls[textbox] on the form...
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    Accessing/Updating controls in multiple mdi children

    All fixed... For Each frmTest In Me.MdiChildren With frmTest If .Name = strFormName Then ' Form Found So Access Control .Controls(0).Text = "UPdate this text" .Controls(1).Text = "Update This aswell"...
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    Accessing/Updating controls in multiple mdi children

    Not sure how to do this, so i'm hoping someone will enlighten me as to how to do it. What i have is a mdi container with say several child forms, each child form is given a different form name on creation. I understand how to check if the item exists and make it the active form but i can't...
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    Better way to detect unreachable IP's

    Hey there, i have a program im working on to detect host & domain names via an ip address. The problem im having is that it is taking a long time if the ip is unreachable, the code is below... Dim dDNS As Net.Dns Dim sHost As String Try...
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    using form controls within a module

    Thanks for the reply... Thanks Paszt, I understand what your saying so i'll have a good read through again & hopefully i'll sort it out, jaeman
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    using form controls within a module

    Thanks but no success... Thanks Paszt, i had already checked out the DevCity article but have had no success after implementing the changes to my project, i have attached a screenshot to try and help explain better... below is a snip of the code in the module: server.vb Public Module...
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    using form controls within a module

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here so i hope i got the catagory right. Anyway the problem im having is sending info within a module back to the textboxes on the main form, I have tryed all the obvious [so i believe] solutions and have had a good look on this site, i hope someone here...
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