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    How to make a install wizard?!

    i use InnoSetup. Its a very simple clean little scripting can add checks for folders..registry keys(.net framework) etc. and its FREE...i actually prefer it over the installshield stuff, it just works better for small applications.
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    error handling in

    yea but i think he is more or less asking why he can't seem to catch the error...which is a good question for beginners like me so maybe someone can post his fixed code :P so I may learn how to catch them as well
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    Using a dll in a vs2005 vb project

    ok so I am trying to use the popular 7za.dll for 7zips cababilities in my vb project..tho I cannot get the dll to reference :confused: and not sure why. Has anyone used this in vs2005 and If so how? I am pretty new to this and I may be doing something wrong...but im lost and need help;) it gets...
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    Little Help

    ok, so I got this whole dotfuscator figured out a bit...using the community edition with my standard 2005 and I got it to build, now i do not need the xml files included with my project setup do I? just the exe or am I missing something...I was prepared for it to output a new .exe(which...
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    Random value

    hmm This may or may not help but try using the random class like Dim dblRand As Double Dim Rdbl As Random = New Random dblRand = Rdbl.NextDouble() that returns a double between 0 and .9 but you im sure its still unlikely to get 0 often as there are way too many possibilities but...
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    Expo Little Rock,AR enjoy
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    ok, I searched the forums, but came up empty. My program creates a graphic and I would like it to add each graphic it makes to a zip file of some sort(gzip,zip,rar etc..doesn't matter) though I am not sure the easiest way or even if there is an "easy" way. Any helping hands would be...
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