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    That 'should know better' sensation

    How often do you look at some code that you have written, and wonder why it doesnt work? I mean, REALLY wonder why it doesnt work? You look at it, and realise that you know it's something you've done, but just cannot for the life of you work out why it isnt working. I have a new solution to...
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    Question Anyone familiar with RS232 port programming?

    My guess is that the MSComm in VB6 is not closing correctly - hence denying the .NET access to COM1. 1. Post your .NET code here, so we can check it. 2. Try NOT running the VB6 version at all, to see if the .NET version works.
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    Get row where datetime column = today's date

    As jmilhinney said, you can strip the time from the values in the database, and then just send one parameter. SELECT UserId, LogDate FROM DeviceLogs WHERE CAST (FLOOR (CAST (LogDate AS FLOAT)) AS DATETIME) = @LogDate
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    Question SQL Syntax - UNION + GROUP BY + ORDER BY

    CONVERT(nvarchar(10), MyersTable.PlanWeek, 103) and CONVERT(DATETIME, RawDataTable.PlanWeek, 103) are not the same - this is why it was failing. I believe that the ORDER BY statement needs to EXACTLY match one of the fields in your SELECT statement.
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    Question SQL Syntax - UNION + GROUP BY + ORDER BY

    SELECT CONVERT(nvarchar(10), MyersTable.PlanWeek, 103) as [PlanWeek], IntIngredientTable.IngredientName, SUM(IntIngredientTable.Quantity) as [Quantity (KG)] FROM IntIngredientTable INNER JOIN MyersTable on IntIngredientTable.MyersID = MyersTable.MyersID GROUP BY IngredientName, PlanWeek UNION...
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    Size mismatch in printed Image

    I haven't checked, but what is the default setting for PageUnit ?
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas one and all, and thank you to the Forum Admins and Moderators for all their hard work :)
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    Find and Replace in Textbox

    textbox1.text.replace("Email Address:", "Email Address" + i ":") should be textbox1.text = textbox1.text.replace("Email Address:", "Email Address" + i ":")
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    Question Visual basic 2010 the problem of reading serial port

    jmcilhinney is correct - without code, how are we meant to guess. However, in this case, could it possibly be that it says "port closed" ??
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    Question problem in updating

    Even though I knew what I was looking for, it still took me minutes to find it in that mess - PLEASE use CODE tags in the future to make it legible! I suggest you stop, and look at any of the links on this forum relating to Data Applications and Worked examples - if you can, find posts by user...
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    Error in variable calculation?

    As far as I can see from the values you are giving it, the output is correct at 0.00. This is because the decHours is 0, because you havent set the value to be anything else.
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    Good books for learning and PLC communications

    I doubt you will manage to find a book that will cover this. My suggestion would be to search for manufacturer-specific .NET to PLC examples on the internet. There are lots of tricks that I have found as I have written HMI to PLC software - and unfortunately, a lot of it comes down to "write...
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    Question Can solve the following program?

    We *might* be able to, but I personally fail to understand the question(s). However, I doubt any of us will do your homework for you :)
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    No value given for one or more required parameters

    It may sound a daft question, but you did actually pass the values for the parameters, didnt you? You havent included that part of the code in your post, so I'm just checking :)
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    Finding "First chance exceptions"

    Turned out it wasnt the COM port thread, it was a UDP listening thread - which I had written with a blocking Receive method rather than asynchronous BeginReceive method. Am going to rewrite it using code from this jmcilhinney reply
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