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    Simple Chat+ Picture Transfer

    I am not sure why are you using a Timer. If you want to implement a chat system then I suggest using a loop and a ManualResetEvent to manage the send and receive actions or start two separate sockets; one for receiving and one for sending simultaneously on different ports. I prefer to manage...
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    UDP Hole Punching -- NAT Traversal

    I see this post is old but has it been answered?
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    Question Are Web Services always running as 1 single instance or do they work like web pages?

    Thanks Sabrina and John, I finally got it down pat. Your help was great. It wasn't difficult at all after I finally wrapped my noodle around it. :)
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    Question Are Web Services always running as 1 single instance or do they work like web pages?

    Thanks JohnH. Years ago I tried to write a windows service and I never really understood what I was doing, maybe because I never really had a reason to write one but I'll give it a shot. I read somewhere about SQL being able to send alerts automatically. Is this so?
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    Question Are Web Services always running as 1 single instance or do they work like web pages?

    I have never used Web Services before so I don't know much about how they work as far as being instantiated so here is what I need and will a web service do this for me? My web site will send out notifications to users based on alerts they setup in their profile. The notifications are text...
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    Question How to Wake the computer from Sleep?

    Yeah, me either. That's what I'm trying to figure out. I want the .NET way of doing this or some info on how to build a library harnesses the Win32 myself.
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    Question How to Wake the computer from Sleep?

    This is close to what I am looking for but I am building a personal alarm clock as a small project and assuming that my computer goes into Sleep or Hibernate mode over night I still need the clock to wake the computer and then go off. With WOL (Wake on LAN) it appears I can awake a computer...
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    Question How to Wake the computer from Sleep?

    I have seen people blog about VB6 code that can wake a computer from hibernate but I have yet to see how to do this with .NET. Can anyone please help me with this? I simply want to wake the computer from sleeping at a designated time.
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    Am I right when i say this?

    This all depends on the type of Object you are using. When the object is referenced then all variables are pointing to the same location in memory if the Object is not referenced then it is not. The most luck you may have is to share the same Object from a memory pool. Its all a little...
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    Sending and Receiving Code via Textboxes

    I want to know how to send and receive code via the textbox from and to users. I know there is a way to do it but I forget what I have to change in order to make it work. Basically, ASP.NET will fire an error if code is being passed back to the server or if you try to send code to the user it...
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    Any good PayPal articles out there?

    Check this link. I found this PayPal IPN Class Library tons helpful for me.
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    Preserve page line with Wizard

    Yes that worked perfectly. I didn't know that Property even existed. I have been using other methods. Thank you.
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    Auto update

    Thanks John. That sucks though.
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    Sorting Files in Directory.

    If the file names are all numeric and you are sure there wil be no letters then just read out all the files into a new array. Then use the String.Remove() function to get rid of the file extension and place the file names into a new array. Bubble sort the new array by converting the strings to...
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    Auto update

    Can I customize the ClickOnce feature to make installations like I can with the Setup Projects? I really like the ClickOnce feature but I still have not used it b/c I havn't found a way to really customize the setup process. I havn't dug very far into either but maybe some one here has.
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