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    Using Streamreader

    I have a csv file and I want to read the 2nd row into a string using a streamreader but not sure how to get to the second one on file? The file looks like the following: 0001 0002
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    Question SqlBulkCopy Issue with Datetime fields

    Thanks - Could you give me an example of how do write it to a dataset and then convert the date? I am new to all this. Thanks
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    Question SqlBulkCopy Issue with Datetime fields

    I am trying the bulk import a csv file into a sql server 2005 table but I am getting errors with the datetime field. The csv file holds the date in the following format e.g. ccyymmdd - 20100401 and in the table the field is a datetime. I cannot change the file format or the table field format...
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    Automated login and downloading of a file from a website

    I am trying to creating a windows application that can automatically sign into a website and download a file. I have managed to get it to sign in and reach the file, however a windows pop up box appears asking if you want to open or save the file and then specify a location. How can I automate...
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    How do I create Windows Services

    I need to create a windows service to run a program on the Saturday following the third Thursday of each month at 06.30am and have no idea where to start?
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    Sorted Lists

    Hi I am trying to arrange my sortedlist so that it will appear in a dropdownbox in the following order: N Yes No Declined However it is coming out in alphabetical order according to the key values, how do I change this so that it comes out like above? code for sorted list below Dim...
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    Make 2nd letter in word lowercase

    Hi I have been trying to make the second letter of a word lowercase, but have only managed to make all lowercase. For example the word "_Employee" I want to make it "_employee". Anyone any ideas thanks
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