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    Question Displaying information on a windows form.

    The first thing to note is that you need to remember to wrap you code in Code Tags and not Quote Tags to make things easier to read but 10 out of 10 for trying. As to your code, I am not even going to try to read it and figure out where you need to place the BacgroundWorker. The only thing I...
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    Question Displaying information on a windows form.

    Yes Yes Put very simply, you have blocked the UI Thread due to all the processing required to read your files. The UI Thread is the “User Interface” thread and is basically the pen that draws everything to the screen and if you use all the processing power allocated to the UI Thread to do...
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    checking treeview nodes

    Hi, The example in the link I provided is a complete code snippet which is just missing your If statement so I am not sure how providing another example will help? Show us the actual code that has caused this error that you have got and we should be able to help you fix that in preparation for...
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    checking treeview nodes

    Hi, Have a look at the TreeView.AfterCheck Event that demonstrates how to recursively check all child nodes of a Parent node that was clicked in the TreeView. All you need to do now to complete your task is to add an If statement at the correct point to decide whether you need to check a...
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    List of objects to CSV?

    Hi, As far as I am aware there is no standard assembly built to do this although it is easy enough to create your own routines to complete this task. To get you started you need to look at Generics to pass a List of any Object Type to a routine. You can then use Reflection to both iterate...
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    Question random item in list

    Hi, Sure you can. As an example, here is a list created with 50 Random Numbers:- Dim myRandomList As New List(Of Integer) For randomCount As Integer = 1 To 50 myRandomList.Add(randomGenerator.Next(101)) Next What you then need to remember is that every item in the above List now has an...
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    Question random item in list

    Hi, I think you need to expand on that a little to explain in more detail exactly what you mean. Cheers, Ian
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    How to handle upgrade to user xml file?

    Hi, I do quite a bit of this sort of thing using JSON files in certain situations where a Database is not practical. The way I go about it is to Serialise and Deserialise the files into class objects that can then be used in the project. By doing things this way you could, for example, release...
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    Question Retrieve specific field value from ArrayList

    Hi and Welcome to the Forum, I would recommend a small change of tact here and load your DataReader into a Datatable instead since this then gives you access to simple Row and Column Indexes that you can work with. If you said:- Dim someDataTable As New DataTable myReader =...
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    I need to reboot

    Hi, Don’t even try to undo what you have learnt over the past 20 years. You just need to accept the inevitable and realise that there are more up to date techniques to learn. Believe me, I have been through this exact same thing over the past few years and I came out the other end OK. The...
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    Add line in txt file offset(3) lines from line contains Product

    You are kidding right? I have given you two posts to guide you based on what you have told us and now, since it does NOT WORK exactly how you want it to, you post your complete file and expect us to work out for ourselves how to fix your problem for you? This is not how I work and good luck...
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    Add line in txt file offset(3) lines from line contains Product

    Hi, That has added a little bit of complexity to the question. Have a look at this to see if it now answers the question in full:- Dim myStr As String = String.Format("Some String with the Word Product In It{0}And We Need to Get Rid Of This Line{0}But Keep Other Lines??"...
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    Add line in txt file offset(3) lines from line contains Product

    Hi and Welcome to the Forum, You can use the String.Format Method to build the string that you are trying to create. Have a play with this example:- Dim myStr = "Some String with the Word Product In It" Dim rplce As String = String.Format("Product end{0}Product{0}{0}{0}{1}"...
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    sql query

    Hi, So long as you have setup your ComboBox's correctly so that you can easily access the semester_id and department_id properties of your DataTables then you can get your course information with the following SQL Query:- SELECT Subjects.subject_id, Subjects.subject_name FROM Subjects INNER...
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    Compare two strings

    Hi, Since you have asked the question I have taken a bit of time to find out where your specific issue is. The issue is with this statement:- For Each strline As String In TextBox1.Text.Split(vbNewLine) I do not know the specific reason why this is the issue other than to state that...
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