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    Connect to Oracle Hyperion's LDAP

    Hi all, for the past 3 days i have been trying to connect to Oracle Hyperion's LDAP but untill today what i get is error message (Invalid DN syntax). I've tried to connect to Oracle Hyperion LDAP using free sofware "LDAP Browser" it succeed, but i failed using .NET (although i'm using the same...
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    Drag N Drop

    hi -- does anybody has suggestion where should i start (looking for article, simple apps.. etc), if i want to create something drag N drop "like" in visio. thx.
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    Assembly not found

    an error state that the system can't found the error above, how can i resollve this? situation : i moved the application from my pc to another one, and i get this error and i have installed .net framwork 3.5 Thanks.
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    FileUpload Control

    i have a fileUpload control and a button the idea is to check whether there is a file in the fileupload control or not if i browse for a file (any file) and click the button the code below would execute normally, but if i enter a random string such as "asfdasfas" or "23432" the code below...
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    database is read-only.

    Hii, i get another read only error. Cannot open user default database. Login failed. Login failed for user 'HADI-PC\ASPNET'. File activation failure. The physical file name "G:\HRD Design\Apps\App_Data\HRD_log.ldf" may be incorrect. The log cannot be rebuilt when the primary file is read-only...
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    First application problems with parsing...

    the inherits part means the partial class name to inherit from In this case "WebApplication1.Default" means Class WebApplication1 and properties/method/public member of the webApplication1 class. Try changing the the inherits to "WebApplication1_Default" and do the same to the code behind...
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    Something I need to get straight! (server and client side)

    Page execution sequence 1. PreInt 2. Init 3. InitComplete 4. PreLoad 5. Load 6. LoadComplete 7. PreRender 8. PreRenderComplete 9. SaveStateComplete 10. Unload the page load event happens before any control events and preRender hanppens after any control events to access a control in a...
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    edittable Dropdownlist

    oops sorry, i missed the the "as" word from your fist post, focus on "allows you to edit the entries as well as have several selections to choose from" sorry, for the wrong information i gave. But, using a defaut dropdown list you wont get what you want, maybe you should make your own control...
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    database is read-only.

    Failed to update database ...... because the database is read-only. This error shows up after i moved my website folder to the new one form d:\website1 to e:\folder1\ i have checked the write option at the website properties, but it won't solve the problem. how to change the database to...
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    edittable Dropdownlist

    use listbox
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    Visual Basic or ?

    well it's up to you what language and technology you want to use. As long as you can meet the client requirements. VB.Net is easy to learn and powerfull :D (According to my own version) LOL
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    Class diagram Vs ERD

    I wonder what is the difference between Class diagram and ERD (Entity relationship diagram). According to me, the difference is, the purpose of each diagram. Class diagram : to show relations between objects in OOSE ERD : to show relations between table and i made a speculation...
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    Using the hyperlink control i can set the type, whether it should _Self, _blank, etc. can i do the same with linkbutton or button control? thx
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    Hiding Windows Form

    try, me.hide() in the form_load method
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    Transparent control

    i just know that listbox control inherits form listControl, so i tried to make one that inherits from it, then the problem is i don't know what should i filled in the overrides method :( Public Class CustomListBox Inherits ListControl Protected Overrides Sub Refre****em(ByVal index As...
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