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    Question Backward button to go back to form from opened .exe program.

    Hi Kevax, Dunno if I can help but I made a program a while back that needed to kill one certain process, but on a server multiple users used there own process, so I never knew which one I was killing, so I had to start the process from my application, and stored the sessionID, so I knew which...
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    Blinking of the panel with transparency backcolor

    Hi Infuzo, setting the DoubleBuffer = true will not actually do it. So inorder for DoubleBuffer to work on your panel create a class and call it something like DoubleBufferPanel in that class add this code Public Class DoubleBufferPanel Inherits Panel Public Sub New()...
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    open text file with application

    Hi ud2008, I always use this: Try Using sr As New StreamReader(Fullpath) Dim line As String Do line = sr.ReadLine() If Not (line Is Nothing) Then ListBoxControl1.Items.Add(line)...
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    Question Delete button

    I'll try your code in the next time I need to do this ProtekNickz ;) Much less work :) I use normally use something like this, hope it helps :) Public Sub RemoveTextBox(ByVal TextboxName As String) For Each txtbox As TextBox In Controls If txtbox.Name =...
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    Open identical new form

    I would create a MainForm with a notifyIcon and a contextmenu attached to that so you could simply rightclick the icon in tray and add new Instance or something, where you in your code would add to Button_Click Event: Dim NewForm as New Form2 NewForm.Show() where Form2 is the form you want a...
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    Question Memory Leak, what could be the cause?

    Hi Brendon, Thank you very much for your reply, I will try to use the Garbage collection first and see what happens... If it does not have any affect, the using will propably do the trick, but will consume a lot of time :) Anyway, I will report back after the GC.Collect has been added...
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    Snapshot of current datagridview and tableadapter

    Hi ballybeg, I'm not sure but maybe this could help. --> Dim dt as new Form1.ToteBetterDataset.tblRacelist and then Apply the Filter to 'dt' instead. --> Form1.TblRaceListTableAdapter.FillByTrackandType(dt, strTrack, strType) Gunze
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    Question Data aquisation

    Hi Rayk411, If I understand correctly, it is becuase you declare oTag = New clsTag for each case, so you need to add the gotUpdate Handler to each oTag, because the 15th tag will be the only one with the Event oTag.gotUpdate. The thing you need to do is the following: Write the following...
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    Question Memory Leak, what could be the cause?

    Hi all, I have a bit of an issue with one of my Applications, it seems to crash after a certain periode of time and I can't really find out why, so I made a Logfile entry with Memory information every minute to see where the increase is. Cannot really provide with any code since it is very...
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