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    Closing one form when going to the next

    Yes! you should put sb main in Module.... Also you may use a global Reference to the Form2. and can use form2 from that reference after the form1 is closed.
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    Editing during Debugging

    Dear mzim! Probably you are trying to modify your code while running the application .. but it will not allow you to edit if you dont "PAUSE" your application. (The same behaviour as was in VB6). So while debugging if you want to edit then along with setting those option told by Paszt, you'll...
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    Editing during Debugging

    Thanx .. Paszt. It is same in vb 2003 as you told. It is fine now.
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    Editing during Debugging

    Hi All ! Is it possible in projects to edit my code while debugging .. as was possible in VB6... I tried to search it in menus but couldnt find any option to enable editing during debugging. So if i get some error(s) then i have to end the application and then to change the code and then...
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