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    Reflection 'ambiguous match' error

    Gotcha! After some tweaking, everything works as expected, and my new code looks like this: Sub registerLuaFunction(functionName As String, ParamArray params() As Type) ' Registers a VB.NET class function for use in our Lua script ' You have to specify the type, due to...
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    Reflection 'ambiguous match' error

    Never actually thought of classes like that. But let's say the signature (I believe by this, you mean the name of the sub, in addition to the arguments the sub can take?) is the same as everything else -- that move(x as integer, y as integer) in base, just moves the sprite, but move(x as...
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    Reflection 'ambiguous match' error

    For a bit of self education, I'm writing a game using XNA and using NLua for scripting. I've got three classes, clsBase (which defines the functions and subs all things in the game must be able to do), clsSprite (which is objects such as doors) and clsPlayer. The last two inherit from clsBase so...
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    Adding folders to libraries - Windows 7

    At my workplace, we're having troubles with Windows 7. Folders that are supposed to be in the libraries (e.g. Documents Library) aren't appearing. While we sort the issue out via Group Policy, I'd like a "DIY fix" that people can run and keep working instead of flooding IT support with requests...
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    Tip Menu module

    Good afternoon everyone, While working on my first console app, I had the need to create an interactive menu. There were some solutions about, but most of them required the screen to be cleared with each key press. This wasn't a good solution for me so I came up with my own. You pass it two...
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    Stopping "automatic" updating of controls with datasource

    Hadn't really paid attention to the BindingSource control before. Makes perfect sense, now that you mention it. I was half expecting a property you could set "BindToRow" or something, but this is acceptable. I suppose if my form has twenty fields to propagate, I'd need twenty instances of this...
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    Question license issue - call a function 3 times a day only

    You probably wouldn't need that. You could probably check the number of counts while the PHP script is running. In pseudocode: Script execution start Get number of executions related to the user (assume user has logged in) If number of executions is greater than three Get the time and...
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    Question license issue - call a function 3 times a day only

    Wouldn't it make more sense to employ the security with PHP? For example, require the application to send a username & password along with the request so your PHP script can log in a database, how many times that user has accessed the script. If it's more than three, access denied. That way you...
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    Stopping "automatic" updating of controls with datasource

    I'm writing an app that pulls information from a DataSet as a one-way thing (e.g. the datasource populates a listbox, but for selection purposes only -- the user cannot change the list values). My problem is, when I select something from the listbox, all of the other listboxes change too, as if...
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    Loading listbox selected items from a database

    Hi, I was originally going to ask this question, but I did a little poking around and came across the answer myself. Because I couldn't find the answer anywhere else, I thought I'd post it here for others to use. I was writing a program that would save the contents of a listbox to a database...
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    Question Charting and annotations

    I've managed to get a good grip on the charting component that was introduced with .NET 4. I've managed to create a chart, add some series and legends and plot out some data. I've also worked out annotations in the designer, but cannot do so programatically. I've searched on a few sites, but...
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    Battery serial numbers

    In my latest VB.NET app, I've written some code that grabs various laptop / UPS battery information from WMI. The idea is to let IT people see a battery's health and voltage and such. But in running this app on several of our Dell laptops, I've come across some interesting numbers. First off...
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    Increasing CPU usage to simulate heavy computer use

    Just gave that a try, and now my app is using 200mb of memory and sitting nicely at 30% usage. Thanks for your help John!
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    Increasing CPU usage to simulate heavy computer use

    I'm building a VB.NET 2010 app that tracks battery usage. Run the app, start logging, then let the battery go flat. At the end, you get a nice graph that shows you how long the battery took to run down. Compare it to previous results and you can see how battery life is doing. But this is...
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    Question not retrieving data

    Now, I've never used any kind of database system with VB.NET, but when do you tell cmd to execute the queries? I see that you create the new cmd object and add some parameters to it, but I can't see any code that executes these queries. Maybe I'm missing something here, but that's my two cents..
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