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    Question Can I use SQLITE with Reportviewer

    I have used SQL Server to create an local database in a application. SQL are giving me all sorts of headaches. I want to migrate to SQLITE. My Questions is can I still use ReportViewer in my application with SQLITE ?
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    Question Cannot connect to database login failed

    I have the following connectin string to connect to a loacla database (.mdf file) konneksie.ConnectionString = "Data Source = .\ SQLEXPRESS;Database=SkeduleringsDatabasis6;Integrated Security=TRUE" I get an error : Cannot open database...
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    Question reports does not show external image

    I have the following code to generate a report. The external images only shows a red x. After three days of trying everything I am about to give up as I have tried many suggestions. None are working. Dim path As String = "file:///" &...
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    Question update from sql table where maximum date

    Thank you cjard for the explanation. However I get the following Error : Invalid column name 'ID' Here is my code : SELECT skedph , skedsuiker , skedsuur , skedanalisedatum FROM Skedulering s INNER JOIN (SELECT plaasno, blokno, ph, suiker...
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    Question sql not sorting

    I have the following code in an application : opdragsorteer.Connection = konneksie opdragsorteer.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM Ontledings ORDER BY AREA DESC" opdragsorteer.ExecuteNonQuery() However it does not sort the sql table. Any help would be appreciated. Regards
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    Question update from sql table where maximum date

    I am building a VB.NET Windows Application form, and as a newbie cannot figure out an issue. I have two sql tables, which are not joined. I wish to update one (skedulering) from another (ontledings) where I have certain "WHERE" clauses as in the following code : opdraginvoer.Connection =...
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    How to create and print a complex form.

    Hi jmcilhinney First of all thank you for your reply - much appreciated. Indeed what is need is the second part of your question. I only need to print the form - the user does not need to see the form. I think I would need two datagridview's (each showing only part of the records). I know that...
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    How to create and print a complex form.

    Hi All I need to create and print the following form. It is really a repetition of the same small boa times six to fit onto an A4 sheet. I have no idea where to start. Regards
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