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    database move 2000 > 2005

    restore db You are probably connecting to the database that you are trying to restore. When the database is in use, you can't restore it. Change to master database then execute the statement restore the db.
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    Querystring Questions

    If I was doing this, I would try to see if the request can be formatted properly. If it's not an option then I would use the Request.ServerVariables("Query_String") method and parse out the parameters. Question: It seems like you are expecting an integer value, how come var2 is passing in a...
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    SQL MS Access

    strPatientD = "Select * From tblPatientRegister Where Surname = '" & Replace(txtSurname.Text, "'", "''") & "' And DoB = #" & dtpDoB.Text & "# And Gender = '" & Replace(cboGender.Text, "'", "''") & "'"
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    Passing Public Variables between Web Forms

    hmmm, i only meant to use the response.write(session("blah")) to illustrate how you can use the session variable. remove that response.write line and you should be okay.
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    sending text messages to cellphone

    there are a number of ways to do this: 1. use an existing service (SMS gateway provider) which will charge a norminal fee for each message. fast, easy and reliable - they provide all the api calls you need and can even do email to sms so all you do is send an email in certain format to a...
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    Launch application with admin rights

    you can use the existing windows feature "run as" to elevate the rights for the application to carry out the task or grant the user the appropriate rights. doing it this way will not require any modification to the existing application. if you still want to do all this within the app, user...
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    Passing Public Variables between Web Forms

    that's application variable not session variable. try something like this in your page. session ("blah") = "blah blah" response.write(session("blah")) i think the error you are getting the error because the variable has not been initialized before you try to increment it. also, with...
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    Passing Public Variables between Web Forms

    why don't you save the data to session variables?
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    Help with a select statement from 2 tables pls

    SELECT tbl_Items.item, COALESCE (tbl_CustPrices.CustPrice, tbl_Items.List_Price) AS Price FROM tbl_Items, tbl_CustPrices WHERE (tbl_Items.item = @Param1) AND (tbl_CustPrices.CustCode = @Param2) AND (tbl_CustPrices.item = @Param1
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    Can connect to database on Net? I need help.

    you can't run the winform and set the datasource to "localhost" then run it on your machine. you need to make sure that the database is accessible from your machine and set the datasource to point to the ip address that your hosting company provided.
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    How to Archiving Database?

    you can use the backup feature in sql management studio to backup the complete database
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    Help needed - displaying sql COUNT value

    yes, if you define your own data access class then it will dictate how your code interact with the db. if your method requires an integer, you pass in an integer (assuming you use this integer to further define which query to run...) if your method requires an sql statement, you'll need to...
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    Constant polling of API with Web App

    what you are asking is not quite possible with shared hosting and/or web app. web app isn't capable of firing requests on its own. if you have access to the box you can do it with windows service, windows script host, scheduled tasks, windows app...
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    TextBox Display

    TextBox7.Text = DateAndTime.Now if you want this code to run when your program to run then one of the places you can put it in is the form load event.
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    Can connect to database on Net? I need help.

    if your hosting company is supporting mssql then you should go ahead and take advantage of it. just one thing though, you'll need to make sure that on the client side, port 1433 (default sql port) must be opened. PS. If you wish to send some non-english message, you could use private message...
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