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    ADODC find method

    hi... what is the problem with this statements in VB.NET...I get an infinite loop Private Sub ClearLabels() 'clear labels ifield n database MS-Access If adoData.Recordset.BOF = False Then adoData.Recordset.MoveFirst() End If adoData.Recordset.Find("fldIndicator='V'") 'find in this...
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    Form with Console

    hi since I'm the first to put a thread into this section...well I'd like to know if it is possible to link a console application with the other words, I can load the console from a form upon a user request (like clicking on a button), I'd like to make the user able to interact with the...
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    Vb6 2

    hi... hmm...ya in VB6 I was trying to close all the forms that is loaded in the memory...coz I use the Load(Formname) function to load my form instances...but since there is a warning about this way in VB.NET I'm not sure wether it necessary at all to implement the old way in VB6 again, or it is...
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    Vb6 2

    Hi every one! I'm a very new to VB.NET, and I had an application which I wanted to upgraded to VB.NET, I used the VS.NET wizard to upgrade the application, but I had some difficulty to convert the follwoing statemensts from VB6 to VB.NET 1- im OneForm As Form For Each OneForm In forms...
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