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    shape of the form?!?!?

    there are some applications on the net, anykind of, that their forms got reeeally weird |--------------------_-_-_-| |--------------------------|____ | | | > |...
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    ive made a project 2 make perl programs... any1 have activeperl or sumthing like that, donwload it, its useful :P
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    hello! how can i "take" the sound that my microphone "reads"??? i know, my english are very good(!) anyway if u aint understand wat i say, tell me to write it again!!!:D lol... ciao!
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    new line on txtbox?

    [title] how to? anyway how can i make a new line on a txtbox??? :D ciao!
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    Newbie to mysql :D

    hmm... wth is mysql???? :D help plz :D i dont have a simple clue wat this is :D ciao!
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    sending a text pc-pc directly

    how can i send a textbox1.text string to another pc on an app. they can b one server and one client if this is easy.. but i want it directly and no between sql or ftp... i need ur help!!!!!
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    useful things to know...

    hey all! i was playing around and i found some usefull things... ------------ mouse move ------------ Me.Cursor.Position = New Point(x, y) ------------ the best way 2 close an application :D ------------ Me.Dispose() Me.Close() Application.Exit()...
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    replacing a word of textbox1...

    how can i by clicking button1, replace all the words "word" of textbox1 to "drow"?? plz help.....
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    send picturebox1.image via web

    Hello All!! well, the title speaks himself.... i hav some client app. and one server... i want, in every second, the picturebox1.image to be sended from every client to the server.... well, i know it's difficult but plz help me :S i got really stuk here:mad: thank u every1 !!!!!!
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    2 questions(plz come)

    hello there! i hav 2 questions:o let's take it tidy.... ----------------- 1st ----------------- can i somehow make an application copy herself into a dir? like: app path = */myap.exe with some lines of code copy myap.exe into c:/hello/ ----------------- 2nd ----------------- i hav 2 appl...
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    webcam location

    hello again!! i got a fresh question:D where is webcam located? i mean, the video that is now webcam seeing.... i gotta webcam that is slf-powered and alwayz on... can i with one way 2 c wat it sees? :D any help will b aprecieted(syntax error!) :D:D:D:D
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    restart form

    hello every1!!! does anybody knows how can some1 "reset" the form in like...start again from the begining?? i bet kulrom would knew that but he's not online now :D from greece with love:cool:
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    changing the clipboard

    hello!!! i want 2 add a textbox.text to the clipboard.... where is clipboard located?????? mayb i could try changing bibiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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    block keys

    hello... how can some1 block the key "alt" on a program?? i know how to block other keys like; Private Sub Form1_KeyPress(...) Handles MyBase.KeyPress If e.KeyChar = "k" Then e.Handled = True End If End Sub but how can i block keys like alt or delete???
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    closing a port with vb.NET

    hello there, i got a question... how can vb.NET close a specific port? like, by pressing a button close the port 3056? help plzzz
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