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    UserControl DesignMode

    Does anybody know how I can detect a mouse move or mouse click when in design time. I have an empty user control that draws a border around the control when the mouse moves over it OR is clicked on it. This works fine in runtime however I would like the same functionality when in design time. I...
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    Convert Inches to Pixels in PrintDocument

    Using a printdocument class I want to print a rectangle in the middle of an A4 page that is 3 x 5 inches. I have used the following code in the PrintDocument_PrintPage event method but the box is massive and I can't seem to calculate how to convert inches into dots/pixels. Can somebody help me...
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    Active Directory Password

    I am writing a basic active directory integration into my latest application and am struggling. I've found code that will allow me to validate users and change their passwords but I'm struggling to find how to identify how many days a users has left to change their password. For example, on our...
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    Loosely Coupled Applications

    Do you know of any examples or a good starting point where I can learn about this. I understand in theory what you are saying but putting that into practice is different.
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    Please advise me re which device

    By far and away the majority of our customers use Code39 or Code128 in some fashion or other. Most design their own barcodes which contain data relevant to themselves. There are so many ways you can integrate with a barcoding system its untrue. WIFI, Bluetooth, Direct USB, Via a Cradle (which...
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    Loosely Coupled Applications

    What do you mean by a "single client library". Are you suggesting I have my client applications connect to a server of some kind and send updates? If so this isn't what I'm hoping for. I want the clients to be able to run independantly (as a windows service or windows client application) but...
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    Please advise me re which device

    Thats a nice simple application. Using something like this device I would integrate with the API (I can give you code for that if needed) to simply listen for barcode data. When this event fires, append the data to a text file on a server folder...
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    Please advise me re which device

    I do this on a daily basis using DataLogic Barcode readers and/or Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro's. Its difficult to recommend a given device without knowing what you're actual requirements are (does it need to be rugged for example) but the majority of devices are wireless. The standard operating...
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    Loosely Coupled Applications

    I want to be able to develop what I class as a loosley coupled system but have no idea where to start. Essentially what I want to do is develop two or three different applications that are totally unrelated in any way. Each application performs its own task such as capturing data on a serial...
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    API Declarations

    I am writing an application that requires integration with a third party piece of hardware. The hardware has a API defined that allows me to use the hardware. Unfortunately I am struggling badly trying to write the correct declaration for each API Call in VB2005. I've looked all over the place...
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    Ownership Discussion

    I think I'd prefer to get them to sign an agreement. Any ideas where I can get one? Am I going to have to pay lawyers to sort this out?
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    Ownership Discussion

    Thanks for that Jacky.Goy. The problem I have is that this software is not unique. It is like a new version of wordprocessor. There are plenty of other offerings that do something similar but not many people know about them. I feel copyrighting the software may therefore be difficult. My biggest...
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    Ownership Discussion

    I work for a company as a software developer. During the last couple of months I have noticed a demand among our customers for a niche piece of software. Unfortunately as I am fully loaded working on paid projects my boss cannot afford to take me off paid work to spend time working on a piece of...
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    Thread Looping

    Does anybody know how I can put a method running in a seperate thread into a wait loop without consuming my CPU? I have created a method called ProcessJobs. This method runs on a seperate thread and waits for a flag to be set true. Upon the flag being set to true, tasks are performed and the...
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    TextBox custom borders and background

    I have come across a need to modify the textbox control (i.e. add colored borders and a gradient background). I have a seen a couple of example on how to modify the border color which consist of creating a new usercontrol, adding a textbox and manually drawing a border. I would prefer however...
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