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    Converting images, overwrite option help

    Good afternoon everyone :) I'm working on a program that converts images, and it works fine. I'm currently working on a piece of code that tells what to do when the file already exists. The situation:I got the converting system in the main form (form1), then i got a second form (instellingen)...
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    advanced image conversion help

    currently i have this piece of code, but regardless of howmany attempts i do in modifying it, it doesn't work, and when it does: i get the same quality image over and over... here is my piece of code: (it doesn't give errors, but im sure it is not good, and i can't seem to find the solution for...
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    Question selecting multiple images for conversion (out of listview)

    For Each item As ListViewItem In ListView1.SelectedItems 'Convert size' Dim original As Image = Image.FromFile(item.Text & "\" & item.SubItems(1).Text & item.SubItems(2).Text) OMG!, u are my hero!!! :O :O :O!!!!!! it works perfectly :D! now i need to figure out using a progressbar...
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    Question selecting multiple images for conversion (out of listview)

    Ok, I'm writing a app that should convert a list of images to own size (x/y) and format The code works, i can preview, convert the image and change its size (x/y), and output format, I open the filespath of the images as a string via openfiledialog, and list them in a listview example...
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