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    Form Misread

    I have an application that uses a dataset to collect user information(login and password). I have written a loop that searches the datatable. All was working fine until I reseeded the table. This is my original loop: For i As Integer = 0 To Me.UserDataSet.Users.Rows.Count - 1 If...
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    loadin a .exe file at runtime

    For some odd reason, that I am not aware of, everytime I run an .exe application from within my app it errors out and wants to send an error report to MS. Is there somehting I am missing about using process.start?¿
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    running an exe file from within a program

    What dependencies do you mean?¿ I am having a similar problem trying to run an .exe app. It errors out when I try to start the process from within my app, but not by itself.
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    Open Excel From a Windows Form

    If you don't need to send info to Excel then you don't have to add a reference to start a file. Just use Process.Start("path to and name of file"). This will start your file. But it will not automate it.
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    sending mouse movements.

    Well I am kinda wondering the same thing. I have an application that I would like to use send keys on, but I do not know the shorcut keys to access the other side of the form. Tab is only working on one side. Being able to manipulate the mouse coordinates would help tremendously! Well...
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    Using a listbox to change focus between forms.

    Yeah my bad. What I was doing was checking the selectedindex within my If statement when I should have been using selecteditem. LOL. Thx dude.
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    Using a listbox to change focus between forms.

    I tried, to no avail. I will have to do some more research. Thx for the effort though!:)
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    Using a listbox to change focus between forms.

    I have an multiform application that lists the open forms (by name[text]) in a listbox on the main form. As a new form is opened a string representing that form is sent to the listbox. What I am trying to do is set it so that when the selected index changes, between form names, that particular...
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    Opening Excel file

    I was just bringing up the fact that it is nice when someone finds their own answer and posts it here along with the thread. I have already got the function I need. I was just bustin your chops a little. :)
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    open Excel file

    It is an Excel file. I have a query running through it and it auto updates upon opening. I just need to get it to run at the click of a button.
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    open Excel file

    I assume this example will lead me to the path of opening a file through vb? I will work to modify accordingly.
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    Opening Excel file

    Well I could use that info nightowl...
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    anything for printing datagridviews?

    I have run into a problem with this as well. But the only problem I have is that it wants to print the entire datagrid, which for me is over 900 rows, when I call the print method. I have passed the printdocument to a printdialogue and am calling the print method from there. I thought this...
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    any printing control for printing datagridview

    Check out these posts regarding.
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    Using return key to move through fields

    I tried to use that but on one of my forms it would only allow a certain number of characters within one of my textboxes. It may be a little more code but I will just use mine.
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