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    Problem for "InchesToPoints" function

    don't know if this will work or not, but, have you tried putting quotes around the 2.54? ed.
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    Closed form keeps executing

    maybe, maybe not. VB.NET does its own garbage collection which means, you have to rely on Microsoft (VB.NET) to clean up your disk space. In C++ its up to the programmer to accomplish garbage collection. VB.NET does a pretty good job in performing garbage collection. I've written some fairly...
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    Updating a file to Sql server database

    Store the location of the file instead. It would seem to me that it would be a lot easier if you simply stored the location in your active directory as to where this PDF file can be located rather than make a duplicate copy of the file in a sql server table/field. Certainly take up a lot less...
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    Reading a file within a folder Search your help for the namespace there is...... and many more. you can READ this help and get sample code w/in the help that will do the things you need to do. ed.
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    Closed form keeps executing

    Closed form not closed I'll try to answer this but keep in mind, you left a few details out. So, if this doesn't explain it please repost with more details. Memory is allocated when the code "dim x as new...." is encountered. "X" is a pointer variable to the beginning memory where the form...
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    Cannot access in-house class library

    Thanx for your reply Thanx for your reply but I've already tried that. I was on my way home yesterday after playing with this problem all day. I took today off and did some salmon fishing and while I was doing that it hit me. I'm assuming that when I compile, it also registers the DLL. I...
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    How to create an Autocomplete Textbox????

    auto complete This is a nice feature that MS has for its Office products, but, a lot of users find it to a PITA. First of all, you can do the select but if there are multiple copies of the same word or phrase, which one do you select - by default its the first occurance - but then your program...
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    How to catch the event in DataGrid?!

    cell change event There is no cell change event that i'm aware of. Based on your question I'm going to assume a couple of things. First, I'll assume you're connected to a backend database - be it, MS Access, SS2K, Oracle or something else. And secondly, I'm going to assume you want to perform...
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    Cannot access in-house class library

    I created a class library (dll) that contains to classes. Each class has numerous public methods and properties. I compiled (built) the library and it reported no errors. I then created a windows app to test the classes within the library (separate solution altogether - not within the same...
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