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    forms and classes

    Hello, this is maybe a bit of a stupid question, but i just need to be sure of this. Is it possible to change properties of a control on a form from a class file? So i have form with a text box. Then i make a class file and in that class file i want to change the text property of the text box...
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    Calculate duration of MP3 file

    Can somebody tell me how it is possible to calculate the duration of an mp3 file? I’m working on an mp3 program at the moment, and I want to make a library from my songs. Of course I want to get the duration of a song, but I can’t find a way to calculate it. Can somebody help me? Thanks a...
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    Embed flash project

    Is it possible to embed a swf file into a mobile application. I know how to do it for a windows application, but for a mobile application this doesn't seem to work. Anybody knows? Thanks Eagle
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    MP3 properties

    Thanks a lot Thanks a lot!!!!
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    Transparency key

    Already tried I already tried to put my transpareny to yellow, but he doesn't put my yellow field transparent then :(
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    Socket programming

    I have already some experience with socket programming. But now I would like to use socket programming for a Bluetooth connection. Does anybody know how to do this? I’ve done it before for a wired network, and then you just had to use a tcpClient and a tcpListener, and in the client program you...
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    Bluetooth problem

    Hello Can anybody help me with this? I have got a new assignment from school, and I have to make a client-server application. The connection between the client and the server should be with Bluetooth. And that is where the problems start, I already searched on the internet for a couple of...
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    Transparency key

    Hello, I have a little problem with my form. I used the transparency in my form to make my form round, I made a little GIF file with a round shape, and made the transparacy key black, and my form is perfectly round now. The problem is that i'm using a Listview now, and that's it seems...
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    MP3 properties

    Does anybody know how you can get the properties of an mp3 file in an easy way? And with properties I mean the Album name, the song name, the artist and the duration of the song. Thx
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    Start a movie on a pocket device?

    thx nope, it already works like this, thx
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    open XML-file

    It works Indeed, thx
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    Bluetooth connection

    Hello, Can anybody help me? I have a new project for school. I have to develop a Bluetooth connection between my portable and my mobile device. So I have to make a server-side and a client-side application, and this with VB.NET. It just has to be possible to sent data from my portable to...
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    Odd Behavior

    Use msgBox("Hello") And what happens when you use msgBox("Hello") Because messageBox normally depends on your GUI, but a msgBox is always given, so try this one if you can.
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    Saving form data to file or xml

    Use XML Oké, I think this discussion is getting a bit ridiculous and is not answering the guys question. If you want to write data, you can indeed chose for a text file or for an XML file. But if you have to read it, I think it will be much easier to read it from a XML file than from a text...
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    Retrieve Pictures

    smart device for smart devices, you do it like this pic.Image = New System.Drawing.Bitmap(CurrentFolder & "\general.jpg") this should do it. Greetz Eagle
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