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    Panel, OnPaint, Scrolling

    Hi all and happy new year!I have a custom control inherting from Winforms Panel control. My control overrides the protected OnPaint method of the panel. Doing so, probably overrides the Scrolling functionality of my control. Is there a way to regain back the scrolling possibities of my...
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    A new .NET Panel Control

    I've created a new .NET Panel control named adxSuperPanel. Get the control and the VB.NET source code for free. Http:// Avi
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    A new .NET Panel control

    adxSuperPanel No. Only Winforms. Avi
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    A new .NET Panel control

    If you need a nice .NET panel control, get my adxSuperPanel control at my web site: You'll get the control and source code for free. Avi
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