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    Multiple instance

    Hi all!!! I want to create multiple instances of my app while my app is still running i.e. I want my app to create a/multiple copy(s) of its own but with different signatures... or may be with some attributes not present in the parent app (my app). Can I do this ??? Please somebody help!!!!
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    Tranparency key in 2003

    Hi ALL!!! I m using Vb.NET 2003. Recently I tried to create an irregular custom form using an image of bmp format. I use this image as backgroundimage picture and change form's transperancy color to 'black' which was my image's background color. But when i run this form i found the background...
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    Creating .exe Files

    First open Solution Explorer and in there, select a project, if u have multiple of it, and then right click on it. It will display you a context menu, then select Build item to create your project.exe.
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