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    Dynamic *not really dynamic* controls.

    That looks nice but how do I reference it in the code.. I would like to have a function in the HTML... placeholders perhaps? This is what I want (or think I want) <tr> <td> <%=Function.MakeControl(id, text, class, required)%> </td> </tr>
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    VB or C#?

    I am amazed at how easily I can understand C# coming from a strictly asp non-javascript background. So much so that im thinking of learning C# just to add that to my resume :)
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    Pass Variable Value To User Control From Host Page

    Well as I stated in my post above yours, im a newb but what I discovered after hours of troubleshooting was when trying to dynamically assign a regular expression to a control would not work at all.. I tried <asp:RegularExpressionValidator id="RegExptxt" ValidationExpression=myexp...
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    Dynamic *not really dynamic* controls.

    Im slowly but surely making the transition to form ASP. And its frusturating to have to look things up for hours every time I want to do something. I could not find any info on this. In my old asp days I had a function to create a textbox dynamically like Function TextBox(Name...
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