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    DateTimePicker SQL Query

    Thank you so very much for that, I kind of managed to get a work around for the issue I was facing but it has brought on a few other problems it seems. The way I ended up trying to do this was to create another Dataset for the select statement. The way I use it is DSPay2 is the Dataset based...
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    My Network Places Directory dump

    I would like to pipe the contents of a "Network Place" which is actually a sharepoint web storage system, to a text file. similar to the dos command of dir >dir.txt but using conventional "command line" commands doesnt do the job, as it is a network place. FolderBrowserDialog is where i am...
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    DateTimePicker SQL Query

    If my data adapter is called DATimesheet, and the field in the table is "WeekStarting" that i wish to base the "Search" on ... is this correct? CalWeekStarting is the name of the bound combobox. DATimeSheet.SelectCommand.Parameters("WeekStarting").Value = CalWeekStarting.ToString I get an...
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    DateTimePicker SQL Query

    Hi all, I am very new to programming of any description, so firstly, please excuse me if I am asking a very stupid question. My issue (and this is driving me nuts), is as follows: I have created a form with bound controls on it. My database contains a table called "tblTimesheets". One of the...
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