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    Not able to install IIS

    Hi, I have a desktop that has dual booting and I want to install on my machine and when I was trying to do that it was letting me know that IIS is not installed on my computer. I was trying to install IIS by going to control panel,add/remove programs and on clicking add windows...
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    Calling an event in

    I have two buttons on my page. One is SEARCH button. Another is a Link button SELECT on the table. When user hits the SELECT link button, for certain cases, the program has to perform all the statements that are in SEARCH Button process. So for those cases I was trying to call SEARCH...
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    Centering the Title on the form

    Hi , I am defing a label for my form title which is dynamic. I set Autosize propery to true so that all the contents can fit into the label. But the question is how do I center the Label/Title to my form. What is the property or code by which I can place my label at the center of the form.. This...
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    please Help!!IF statement........

    I think, You can also achieve the same using the Case staments, that would have been much simpler than IF Else Statements. For example: Select Case thisyear - ComboBox1.Text Case IS > 50 MsgBox("You maximum morgage years are 15") case 40 TO 50 MsgBox("You maximum morgage years...
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    Small problem

    Problem with DialogResult Thanks JuggaloBrotha. You have solved half of my problem. I have liitle more left out here. Following is the Total Code: If carSalePriceTextBox.Text <> "" Then Try carSalePriceDecimal = Decimal.Parse(carSalePriceTextBox.Text) Try If...
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    Small problem

    Hi, I was doing my exercise in VB.NET launguage. Have a problem in capturing the user response for a message dialog. Following is the code: If tradeInAllowanceValueDecimal = 0D Then messageString = "Do you have any trading-in Allowance Value ?" MessageBox.Show(messageString...
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    How to Know which version of .NET Loaded on my Machie

    Hi, I have loaded Visual Studio .net 2003 on my machine some time bak, but not remebering what was the version ? I mean Is it Professional or Enterprise or Developers version. How Do I know that ? It is required for me to know because my professor was saying that to develop WEB forms using...
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    Help in arresting a syntactic Error

    Thanks for your quick reply. I could able to finish my project to be submitted to class tomorrow.
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    Help in arresting a syntactic Error

    Hi, I just started learning VB.NET. I have designed a simple form and two text boxes and 5 buttons includines one exit button. On clicking one button, some text needs to be displayed on the text boxes. I was trying to assign that text into the text property of the textboxes. I was getting an...
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    .NET Concepts

    Are you taking about Applied Microsoft® .NET Framework Programming this ? Please confirm. Please elaborate little more on your answer.
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    .NET Concepts

    I am a mainframe programmer and wanted to know and learn .NET concepts and Framework. Any links or books in this related.
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    Limiting the Concurrent Users

    Hi, We are planning to Develop an desktop application on VB.NET that will have ODBC connectivity to DB2 Server residing on Mainframe (Version 7). Now the Question is even now the VB.NET product would be loaded on more than 50 Desktop's we want only 20 Concurrent users can hit the Database...
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