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    Trying to slay the dragicon

    Found the answer found answer here using Private Sub PictureBox1_GiveFeedback ... e.UseDefaultCursors = False Cursor.Current = New Cursor("happy.ico") etc. etc.
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    Trying to slay the dragicon

    Is there a workaround to customize the dragicon?
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    converting OCRed tif image into word document

    Great tool! Nice. But now this means I cannot hide my email address in pictures anymore :mad:
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    what is the relationship between twip and pixel?

    A twip (twentieth of a point) is really a measure more useful in traditional printing because it represents absolute distance. A twip is 1/1440th of an inch or 1/567th of a centimeter. That is, there are 1440 twips to an inch or 567 twips to a centimeter. A pixel (short for "picture element")...
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    converting OCRed tif image into word document

    is there a step missing? I assume an OCRed file would be text gotten from a picture. So you need something to read the tiff file into text like an OCR (optical character recognition) control unless you have lots of time to write one. Look then to be well edified when the fool delivers the...
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    Sometimes the answer only supplies more questions Firstly you need to understand what MOD does because the function recurses (reruns itself). result = number1 Mod number2 GCD (a, b) In the function becomes GCD( b, the remainder of a/b ) This then divides (recourses) until there’s no...
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