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    Listening .mp3 Files by clicking a button

    You can do that by using Windows Media Player. I assume that you created new project with blank form.Well,let's start.:) First,right click on your toolbox and select Customize Toolbox...Now in tab COM Components find and check Windows Media Player and click OK.Then select MediaPlayer control and...
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    Animation tool in VB.NET

    This is good for making scroll line :)
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    Using resource in

    How can i use resource file to store exe file in it.If you guys can post some code it will be cool.Thanks :)
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    Move File And Folder

    Try this link: it should help you for moving,deleting,copying file.Cheers :)
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    how do i edit or delete computer files

    Well,for deleting file this code will do the job: :cool: First turn on Imports System.IO Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Dim F As File Dim D As Directory Dim S() As String...
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    Making patch in

    How to make patch in that will change 75(jne) to 74(je) in some exe file.I'm not asking this because i want to crack an application,i'm asking this because i want to patch the error in some game.Thanks :( Sorry.I have put this thread in Deployment.Please move it to General Discussion.Thanks
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