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    Strange Behaviour

    Nevermind, I've solved it. Just a dumb coding issue somewhere else in the application that was getting 'secretly called'. Man do I feel stupid =).
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    Strange Behaviour

    I've written a sub that refreshes the contents of a ComboBox when you select an item from another ComboBox. It kinda works perfect, every second time however it doesn't work! This makes no sense since it calls the exact same sub. Now here is the strange part. If I comment out the Clear method...
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    Refresh a DataTable?

    I'm wondering if there is a build in way to refresh a DataTable? Currently I just delete the table from the DataSet and then using the DataAdapter Fill the DataTable again. But I was hoping there was a built in method for doing this.
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    How to create a copy of a row?

    Isn't there a way to create a copy of an object?
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    How to create a copy of a row?

    I've created a Sub that uses a row passed to it to add it to another table. However when I try and add the row to the other table I recieve an error stating that this row already belongs to another table. Well of course it does, I want a copy of it in this new table!!!!! How do I get a copy...
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    (CheckedListBox) Is it checked?

    Nevermind I just figured it out. The function I needed was GetItemChecked(x).
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    (CheckedListBox) Is it checked?

    I'm looping through a CheckedListBox and want to do one thing if it's checked and another if it's not checked. There isn't a Checked property so I can't tell. I realize that there is a CheckedItem collection, but I need to loop through the whole CheckedListBox not just the checked items. So...
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    new to vb .net need help

    I think you're going to be all on your own one this one. It sounds like it's a problem with your computer. I don't think the blue screen of death is even in Windows 2000, XP anymore. If you're running 98... upgrade.
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    CheckedListBox Question

    I have a CheckedListBox control on a TabPage and it's DataSource populates it with Rows. However after selecting items and then clicking on another TabPage it clears everything! Now when I go back it appears like I didn't check anything. Has anyone come up with a work-around for this?
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    DateTimePicker Question

    I'm trying to make the DateTimePicker control display a blank (""). However it thinks it always needs to display a date. Anyone know how to do this?
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    CheckBox Binding Issue

    It is a normal table with no data currently in it.
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    CheckBox Binding Issue

    I just tried it and it didn't work=(. I have however discovered an interesting issue. This error only occurs if the Table is empty. If I add a single row of data the New method will work correctly. If I'm doing this correct this is a HUGE VB.NET - Access issue! But I can't believe...
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    CheckBox Binding Issue

    I keep getting this error when I try to add a new row to a DataSet. "Additional information: DataBinding could not find a row in the list that is suitable for all bindings" The particular error is being caused by bound CheckBoxes. I'm sure because if I comment them out everything works fine...
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    UID field for a new record

    I'm looking at a way to return the new autonumber from the database to the clients disconnect DataSet. Any ideas?
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    Can you run a SQL script on a DataSet?

    I'm curious if you can execute a SQL script against a disconnected DataSet? For example; UPDATE tblFeature SET [Name]='New' WHERE uid=4 This would then update the DataSet so that when I execute the Update method on a DataAdapter it would update the database appropriately. Currently I...
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