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    protect database data

    I am hoping someone here will give me some ideas. I am developing and system which will use a mysql database. The application will be hosted by a web hosting company which has mysql support. I will have several users of this application. Due to the fact that the company hosting the...
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    Why can I not get hashing to work

    Okay, I went back to where I am orginally loading the code and converting it to a memorystream. And tested it by writing it back to disk. Now this bit of code worked fine yesterday, but, today it is adding a bunch of garbage to the end of the file. Here is this code: Dim encoder As New...
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    Why can I not get hashing to work

    myFileMain is a Byte Array. The myFileMain stores the UTF-8 encoded original file. The strOutFileArray3 is a string for the location of the file that has been written to disk with the hash and file length appended to the file. Thanks, Chester
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    Why can I not get hashing to work

    I input a XML file with UTF-8 encoding. I get the file length and hash the file, I write out the file and append the hash and length to the file. I input this newly created file, extract the hash and length from it and then calculate the hash on data. When I view the data before and after...
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    Memorystream copy to two new memorystreams

    Okay, here is my code: Dim msNewStream As New MemoryStream Dim msstreamhass As New MemoryStream msNewStream.Write(msStream.ToArray, 0, msStream.Length - (hashsize * 8)) Dim intP As Integer = msStream.Length - (hashsize * 8) intP = msStream.Length...
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    Access to mysql database from other computer(

    The methods will be a little different. ODBC is older than the connector. The .net connector is not to big of a download and ODBC will probably one of these days go away. Chester
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    Access to mysql database from other computer(

    Have you downloaded the .net connector or ODBC? I prefer the .net connector for mysql. You can find it here And this link will descirbe how to connect using the connector...
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    Access to mysql database from other computer(

    The mysql server will need a user created that has access from other computers or the computer where the client is located. Now the client program can either use the servers computer name or IP address to connect to the mysql server, I prefer the IP. Chester
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    MS Access

    Where do you open the connection to the database? Also, in your catch block, what if there is another error other than the one that is coded? Chester
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    DataReader To DataSet

    To make things easier, you should use import statements at the very top of your code. Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.OleDb Now yu will not need to use the fully qualified name. Just use something like this: Dim myConn as Oledb.connection 'much easier Next you need to...
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    Specified cast is not valid

    Are you using a datareader or a dataadpter? Chester
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    Design issues with an access database

    Jon, Designing a good database is not as easy as it sounds. Especially when you start working with a relational database model. You have different types of relationships to consider, primary keys, foreign keys, possibly concatenated keys and much more. I have been designing a "simple"...
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    How textbox binding with database ???

    Are you talking about when you enter text into the textbox your database changes? Chester
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    Access DataBase & Textboxes

    What do you mean navigate Access using textboxes? Do you want to enter a string and then query Access with it? There are several methods that are invloved with editing any type of database. What are you wanting to do? Delete records, edit records or add new records, or do a combination of...
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    Disable Keys.

    You can look at the Sender and if the sender is Alt then set e.handled to true. I have not tried it with Alt, but it may look something like this: Private sub myTextBox_KeyPress(ByVal sender as object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyPressEventArgs) _ Handles myTextBox.KeyPress If...
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